Sport Scholar Profile | Kelsey Erickson, Leeds Beckett University


  • Senior Research Fellow


  • Leeds Beckett University
    City Campus
    United Kingdom LS1 3HE
  • E-mail
  • Twitter: @kelslee777

Research interests

  • Psychology of drug use in sport
  • Whistleblowing
  • Anti-doping education

Selected publications

Erickson, K. (2019) “Athlete suspended for presence of banned substance”: A storied approach to protecting student-athletes from doping in sport, Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 13:3, 214-234
Erickson, K., Backhouse, S.H., & Carless, D. (2017). “I don’t know if I would report them”: Student-athletes’ thoughts, feelings and anticipated behaviours on blowing the whistle on doping in sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 30, 45-54.
Erickson, K., Backhouse, S.H., & Carless, D. (2017). Doping in Sport: Do Parents Matter? Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, 6(2), 115-128.
Erickson, K., Backhouse, S. H., & Carless, D. (2016). “The ripples are big”: Storying the impact of doping in sport beyond the sanctioned athlete. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 24, 92-99.


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Published 2018-10-16

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