Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 9, 2017, No. 4


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Return to Sports After Concussion
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Neural Function

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Normative Tandem Gait in Collegiate Student-Athletes: Implications for Clinical Concussion Assessment
Jessie R. Oldham, Melissa S. DiFabio, Thomas W. Kaminski, Ryan M. DeWolf, Thomas A. Buckley

Concussions in Community-Level Rugby: Risk, Knowledge, and Attitudes
R. Kyle Martin, Travis J. Hrubeniuk, Christopher D. Witiw∥, Peter MacDonald, Jeff Leiter

Correlation of Head Impacts to Change in Balance Error Scoring System Scores in Division I Men’s Lacrosse Players
Theresa L. Miyashita, Eleni Diakogeorgiou, Kaitlyn Marrie

Cumulative Effects of Concussion History on Baseline Computerized Neurocognitive Test Scores: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Bara Alsalaheen, Kayla Stockdale, Dana Pechumer, Alexander Giessing‖, Xuming He‖, Steven P. Broglio

Eccentric Exercise to Enhance Neuromuscular Control
Lindsey K. Lepley, Adam S. Lepley, James A. Onate, Dustin R. Grooms∥

Current Research

The Diagnostic Utility of Computer-Assisted Auscultation for the Early Detection of Cardiac Murmurs of Structural Origin in the Periodic Health Evaluation
Pierre L. Viviers, Jo-Anne H. Kirby, Jeandré T. Viljoen, Wayne Derman

How to Deal With Anterior Knee Pain in the Active Young Patient
Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso, Scott F. Dye

Ultrasound Diagnosis of Calf Injuries
Jacob Michael Bright, Karl B. Fields, Ryan Draper

Relationships Between Knee Extension Moments During Weighted and Unweighted Gait and Strength Measures That Predict Knee Moments After ACL Reconstruction
Erin Hartigan, Jennifer Aucoin, Rita Carlson, Melanie Klieber-Kusak‖, Thomas Murray, Bernadette Shaw, Michael Lawrence

Casting and Splinting Management for Hand Injuries in the In-Season Contact Sport Athlete
Katherine H. Carruthers, Olivia O’Reilly, Martin Skie, John Walters∥, Patrick Siparsky

Blood Glucose Levels After Local Musculoskeletal Steroid Injections in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: A Clinical Review
Anna L. Waterbrook, Brenden J. Balcik, Aaron John Goshinska

The Effects of Specialization and Sex on Anterior Y-Balance Performance in High School Athletes
Madeline M. Miller, Jessica L. Trapp, Eric G. Post, Stephanie M. Trigsted, Timothy A. McGuine, M. Alison Brooks, David R. Bell

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