Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 14, 2022, No. 1 | Training the Adolescent Athlete


Open Access
Training the Adolescent Athlete
Tim Gabbett


Revisiting Early Sport Specialization: What’s the Problem?
Alexandra Mosher, Kevin Till, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, and Joseph Baker

Open Access
Youth Athlete Development Models: A Narrative Review
Mathew Varghese, Sonia Ruparell, and Cynthia LaBella

Age of Early Specialization, Competitive Volume, Injury, and Sleep Habits in Youth Sport: A Preliminary Study of US Youth Basketball
Peter L. Meisel, John P. DiFiori, Jean Côté, Joseph T. Nguyen, Joel S. Brenner, Robert M. Malina, Ed Ryan, III, and Arne Güllich

Open Access
Weightlifting for Children and Adolescents: A Narrative Review
Kyle C. Pierce, W. Guy Hornsby, and Michael H. Stone

Effects of Training Frequency During a 6-Month Neuromuscular Training Intervention on Movement Competency, Strength, and Power in Male Youth
Rhodri S. Lloyd, Ian J. Dobbs, Megan A. Wong, Isabel S. Moore, and Jon L. Oliver

Open Access
Effect of Strength Training on Jump-Landing Biomechanics in Adolescent Females
Daniel C. Herman, Kimberly A. Pritchard, Nicole L. Cosby, and Noelle M. Selkow

Open Access
Predicting Youth Athlete Sleep Quality and the Development of a Translational Tool to Inform Practitioner Decision Making
Haresh T. Suppiah, Richard Swinbourne, Jericho Wee, Qixiang He, Johan Pion, Matthew W. Driller, Paul B. Gastin, and David L. Carey

Open Access
Quantification of Training Load Relative to Match Load of Youth National Team Soccer Players
Gyorgy Szigeti, Gabor Schuth, Peter Revisnyei, Alija Pasic, Adam Szilas, Tim Gabbett, and Gabor Pavlik

Open Access
Does Warming Up With Wearable Resistance Influence Internal and External Training Load in National Level Soccer Players?
Aaron Uthoff, Aníbal Bustos, Gustavo Metral, John Cronin, Joseph Dolcetti, and Michael C. Rumpf

Open Access
Incidence of COVID-19 in Children and Young People Who Play Federated Football
Rocío Seijo Bestilleiro, Jorge Suanzes Hernández, Diego Batalla Bautista, María José Pereira Rodríguez, Cristina González Martín, Mara Teresa Garcia Rodriguez, and Sonia Pértega Díaz

Association Between Spikes in External Training Load and Shoulder Injuries in Competitive Adolescent Tennis Players: The SMASH Cohort Study
Fredrik Johansson, Ann Cools, Tim Gabbett, Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez, and Eva Skillgate

External Training Load and the Association With Back Pain in Competitive Adolescent Tennis Players: Results From the SMASH Cohort Study
Fredrik Johansson, Tim Gabbett, Per Svedmark, and Eva Skillgate

Open Access
Chronic Workload, Subjective Arm Health, and Throwing Injury in High School Baseball Players: 3-Year Retrospective Pilot Study
Sameer Mehta, Sisi Tang, Chamith Rajapakse, Scott Juzwak, and Brittany Dowling

Open Access
Systematic Review of Health Organization Guidelines Following the AMSSM 2019 Youth Early Sport Specialization Summit
Daniel C. Herman, Vicki R. Nelson, Alicia M. Montalvo, Greg D. Myer, Joel S. Brenner, John P. DiFiori, Neeru A. Jayanthi, Stephen W. Marshall, Stephanie A. Kliethermes, Anthony I. Beutler, and Adam S. Tenforde

Open Access
Current Sport Organization Guidelines From the AMSSM 2019 Youth Early Sport Specialization Research Summit
Adam S. Tenforde, Alicia M. Montalvo, Vicki R. Nelson, Greg D. Myer, Joel S. Brenner, John P. DiFiori, Neeru A. Jayanthi, Stephen W. Marshall, Stephanie A. Kliethermes, Anthony I. Beutler, and Daniel C. Herman

Open Access
Developmental Training Model for the Sport Specialized Youth Athlete: A Dynamic Strategy for Individualizing Load-Response During Maturation
Neeru Jayanthi, Stacey Schley, Sean P. Cumming, Gregory D. Myer, Heather Saffel, Tim Hartwig, and Tim J. Gabbett

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