Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 13, 2021, No. 6



Open Access
Looking Back
Edward M. Wojtys

Current Research

Fear Avoidance After Injury and Readiness to Return to Sport in Collegiate Male and Female Gaelic Games Players
Siobhán O’Connor, Kieran Moran, Aishling Sheridan, Shaunagh Brady, Conor Bruce, Erica Beidler, Anna Donnla O’Hagan, and Enda Whyte

Open Access
Injury Trends in Irish Amateur Rugby: An Epidemiological Comparison of Men and Women Caithriona Yeomans, Ian C. Kenny, Roisin Cahalan, Giles D. Warrington, Andrew J. Harrison, Helen Purtill, Mark Lyons, Mark J. Campbell, Liam G. Glynn, and Thomas M. Comyns

The Influence of Asymptomatic Hypermobility on Unanticipated Cutting Biomechanics
Ivana Hanzlíková, Jim Richards, Josie Athens, and Kim Hébert-Losier

Effects of Individualized Ischemic Preconditioning on Protection Against Eccentric Exercise–Induced Muscle Damage: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mikhail Santos Cerqueira, Daniel Kovacs, Ingrid Martins de França, Rafael Pereira, Sinval Bezerra da Nobrega Neto, Rúsia Dayanny Aires Nonato, Telma Maria De Araújo Moura Lemos, and Wouber Hérickson De Brito Vieira

Contributions of PCSS, CISS, and VOMS for Identifying Vestibular/Ocular Motor Deficits in Pediatric Concussions
Rishi D. Patel and Cynthia R. LaBella

A Pilot Study Evaluating the Timing of Vestibular Therapy After Sport-Related Concussion: Is Earlier Better?
Ranbir Ahluwalia, Scott Miller, Fakhry M. Dawoud, Jose O. Malave, Heidi Tyson, Christopher M. Bonfield, and Aaron M. Yengo-Kahn


Combining the Copenhagen Adduction Exercise and Nordic Hamstring Exercise Improves Dynamic Balance Among Male Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar, Oliver Faude, Mohamed A. Husain, Najeebullah Soomro, and Ross H. Sanders

Differences in Lower Extremity Movement Quality by Level of Sport Specialization in Cadets Entering a United States Service Academy
CPT Connor B. Venrick, Story F. Miraldi, Lindsay J. DiStefano, Karen Y. Peck, LTC Matthew A. Posner, Megan N. Houston, Darin A. Padua, Stephen W. Marshall, and Kenneth L. Cameron

Effects of Cross-Education After 6 Weeks of Eccentric Single-Leg Decline Squats Performed With Different Execution Times: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Fernando Martínez, Pablo Abián, Fernando Jiménez, and Javier Abián-Vicén

Effects of 8 Weeks of Balance Training, Virtual Reality Training, and Combined Exercise on Lower Limb Muscle Strength, Balance, and Functional Mobility Among Older Men: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Hassan Sadeghi, Deborah A. Jehu, Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Elham Shakoor, Mohsen Razeghi, Alireza Amani, Muhammad Nazrul Hakim, and Ashril Yusof

Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Postmenopausal Well-Trained Women
Nuria Romero-Parra, Cristina Maestre-Cascales, Nuria Marín-Jiménez, Beatriz Rael, Victor M. Alfaro-Magallanes, Rocío Cupeiro, and Ana B. Peinado

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in the Older Athlete
Alec J. Moorman, Larry S. Dean, Eugene Yang, and Jonathan A. Drezner

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