Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 11, Issue 3, 2015

Role of physical activity in cardiovascular disease prevention in older adults
Nicolás Lillo, Gonzalo Palomo-Vélez, Eduardo Fuentes & Iván Palomo

Gender differences in cardiovascular functions during exercise: a brief review
Elisabetta Marongiu & Antonio Crisafulli

Original Article 
The effects of negative work on the maximal instantaneous muscular power of humans during vertical jumps
Guillaume Atchou, Marcel Azabji, Christian Moia & Guido Ferretti

Original Article 
Association between reaction time, speed and agility in schoolboys
Akbar Moradi & Samad Esmaeilzadeh

Original Article 
Effect of kinesio taping on hand muscles strength of Karatekaman man
Peyman Momtazfar, Farshad Ghazalian & Hojatolah Nikbakht

Original Article 
A comparative study of the effects of endurance and resistance exercise training on PON1 and lipid profile levels in obese men
Taleb Amouzad Mahdirejei, Motaleb Razi, Alireza Barari, Parvin Farzanegi, Hassan Amouzad Mahdirejei, Zabiholla Shahrestani & Mehran Ahmadi

Original Article – Open Access
Kilimanjaro Abruzzo expedition: effects of high-altitude trekking on anthropometric, cardiovascular and blood biochemical parameters
Vittore Verratti, S. Falone, C. Doria, T. Pietrangelo & C. Di Giulio

Original Article 
Age-related changes in upper body strength and lower limb power of professional Italian firefighters
Fabrizio Perroni, Laura Guidetti, Lamberto Cignitti & Carlo Baldari

Original Article 
Whole-body vibration training in middle-aged females: improving muscle flexibility and the power of lower limbs
Vassilis Gerodimos, Andreas Zafeiridis, Konstantina Chanou, Konstantina Karatrantou & Konstantina Dipla

Original Article
Measurement of the mechanical properties of the handball, volleyball, and basketball using DIC method: a combination of experimental, constitutive, and viscoelastic models
Alireza Karimi, Susumu Kudo, Reza Razaghi & Mahdi Navidbakhsh

Original Article 
Energy expenditure in obese children: evaluation of a new multisensor device
Susanna Rampichini, Giampiero Merati, Chiara Mameli, Luca Agnello, Laura Schneider, Arsenio Veicsteinas & Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti

Original Article 
Perceived physical activity facilities nearest home do not affect MVPA in a Portuguese adolescent sample
Roseanne Gomes Autran, S. Abreu, P. Silva, M. F. Pina, J. Mota & M. P. Santos

Original Article 
Anthropometry and fitness of young elite soccer players by field position
Leslie Andrews Portes, Ive Luz Canhadas, Rodrigo Lopes Pignataro Silva & Natalia Cristina de Oliveira

Original Article
Cross-education effect after unilateral eccentric-only isokinetic vs dynamic constant external resistance training
Giuseppe Coratella, Chiara Milanese & Federico Schena

Original Article 
Exercise induces the synthesis of estrogen in ovariectomized Sprague–Dawley rats ventricular myocardium trough increase expression of CYP19aromatase
Denny Agustiningsih, Sri Kadarsih Soejono, Marsetyawan HNE Soesatyo & Djoko Prakosa

Original Article
Role of S100A12/RAGE axis in eccentric exercise-induced delayed-onset muscle soreness in male non-athletes
Hossein Khorramdelazad, Hadi Rohani, Abdollah Jafarzadeh, Mohammadreza Hajizadeh & Gholamhossein Hassanshahi

Original Article
Time-span of heart rate recovery and its relationship to body composition in various ages: upper body versus lower body exercise
Mehdi Ahmadian & Valiollah Dabidi Roshan

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