Sport Science Review, Volume 24, 2015, Issue 5–6

I’m super-setting my life! An ethnographic comparative analysis of the growth of the gym market
Rojas, Alexis Sossa
Page 276

A Preliminary Case Analysis of the Post- Activation Potentiation Effects of Plyometrics on Sprint Performance in Women
Lockie, Robert G. / Davis, DeShaun L. / Giuliano, Dominic V. / Risso, Fabrice G. / Orjalo, Ashley J. / Moreno, Matthew R. / Lazar, Adrina
Page 300

Maximal Isometric Handgrip Strength (HGS) in Greek Elite Male Judo and Karate Athletes
Zaggelidis, Georgios
Page 320

Does Stature or Wingspan Length Have a Positive Effect on Competitor Rankings or Attainment of World Title Bouts in International and Elite Mixed Martial Arts?
Kirk, Christopher
Page 334

Investigating the Teaching Styles of Tennis Coaches Using The Spectrum
Hewitt, Mitchell / Edwards, Ken / Ashworth, Sarah / Pill, Shane
Page 350

SlamTracker Accuracy under Static and Controlled Movement Conditions
Clark, Cain C. T. / Barnes, Claire M. / Holton, Mark / Summers, Huw D. / Stratton, Gareth
Page 374

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