Sport Science Review Volume 23, 2014, Issue 5–6

ssr300A Multi-Referenced Analysis of the Quality of Learning Climate in Health and Physical Education Student Teaching
Desbiens, Jean-François / Spallanzani, Carlo / Turcotte, Sylvain / Roy, Martin / Lanoue, Sèverine / Tourigny, Jean-Sébastien
Page 175

Reasons to Stay in Club Sport According to 19-Year-Old Swedish Participants: A Salutogenic Approach
Jakobsson, Britta Thedin / Lundvall, Suzanne / Redelius, Karin
Page 205

Physical Activity and the Development of the Built Environment in Schools for Youth with a Functional Disability in Quebec
Roult, Romain / Carbonneau, Hélène / Chan, Thomas / Belley-Ranger, Émilie / Duquette, Marie-Michèle
Page 225

Wii Teach Movement Qualities in Physical Education
Meckbach, Jane / Gibbs, Béatrice / Almqvist, Jonas / Quennerstedt, Mikael
Page 241

Music and Physical Activity for L2 Vocabulary Acquisition in First Graders
Calavalle, Anna Rita / Izzo, Riccardo E. / Raimondi, Romina / Rocchi, Marco B. L. / Sisti, Davide / Stocchi, Vilberto
Page 267

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