Sport in Society, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 2

Healthy stadia: an insight from policy to practice

Introduction: Healthy stadia: an insight from policy to practice
Daniel Parnell, Kathryn Curran & Matthew Philpott
Pages: 181-186

Perspectives from those involved in healthy stadia
Daniel Cade, Kathryn Curran, Andy Fuller, Jenny Hacker, Clive Knight, Simon Lansley, Daniel Parnell & Matthew Philpott
Pages: 187-201

Who ate all the pies? The importance of food in the Australian sporting experience
Keith D. Parry, Timothy Hall & Alastair Baxter
Pages: 202-218

Sport heritage and the healthy stadia agenda: an overview
Gregory Ramshaw
Pages: 219-225

An evaluation of opportunistic health checks at cricket matches: the Boundaries for Life initiative
Chet Trivedy, Ivo Vlaev, Russell Seymour & Matthew Philpott
Pages: 226-234

Health promotion orientation of GAA sports clubs in Ireland
Aoife Lane, Niamh Murphy, Alex Donohoe & Colin Regan
Pages: 235-243

The community impact of football pitches: a case study of Maidstone United FC
Anthony May & Daniel Parnell
Pages: 244-257

Improving the physical and mental well-being of typically hard-to-reach men: an investigation of the impact of the Active Rovers project
Colin J. Lewis, Matthew J. Reeves & Simon J. Roberts
Pages: 258-268

Success of a sports-club led-community X-PERT Diabetes Education Programme
Angela Morgan, Dee Drew, Angela Clifford & Katrina Hull
Pages: 269-280

Tackling mental health: the role of professional football clubs
Kathryn Curran, Simon Rosenbaum, Daniel Parnell, Brendon Stubbs, Andy Pringle & Jackie Hargreaves
Pages: 281-291

Sport policy and English primary physical education: the role of professional football clubs in outsourcing
Daniel Parnell, Ed Cope, Richard Bailey & Paul Widdop
Pages: 292-302

‘It brings the lads together’: a critical exploration of older men’s experiences of a weight management programme delivered through a Healthy Stadia project
Lorena Lozano-Sufrategui, Andy Pringle, David Carless & Jim McKenna
Pages: 303-315

Lessons from the field for working in Healthy Stadia: physical activity practitioners reflect on ‘sport’
Jim McKenna, Thomas Quarmby, Nicky Kime, Daniel Parnell & Stephen Zwolinsky
Pages: 316-324

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