Sport in Society, Volume 19, 2016, Issue 6

Special issue | From Olympic Administration to Olympic Governance: Challenges for Our Century

sis-dsFrom Olympic administration to Olympic governance: challenges for our century
Jean-Loup Chappelet & Emmanuel Bayle
Pages: 737-738 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108647

From Olympic administration to Olympic governance
Jean-Loup Chappelet
Pages: 739-751 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108648

Olympic social responsibility: a challenge for the future
Emmanuel Bayle
Pages: 752-766 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108646

Agenda 2020 and the Olympic Movement
John J. MacAloon
Pages: 767-785 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1119960

The management of big games: an introduction
Richard W. Pound
Pages: 786-795 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108654

The governance of the Olympic Games in Canada
Milena M. Parent
Pages: 796-816 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108652

The Olympic Games of Athens: 10 years later
Kostas Georgiadis & Panagiotis Theodorikakos
Pages: 817-827 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108651

From the Olympic dream to a down to earth approach: Lausanne’s sports events hosting strategy
Joël Pinson
Pages: 828-839 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108650

Coubertin’s humanism facing post-humanism – implications for the future of the Olympic Games
Otto J. Schantz
Pages: 840-856 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108653

Which governance for which organization? A postface
Jean-Loup Chappelet
Pages: 857-859 | DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2015.1108649

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