Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 3, Issue 2

sepp-dsSport psychology consulting at elite sport competitions.
Page 75-88
Sharp, Lee-Ann; Hodge, Ken; Danish, Steve

Students and athletes? Development of the Academic and Athletic Identity Scale (AAIS).
Page 89-101
Yukhymenko–Lescroart, Mariya A.

“To think, or not to think, that is the question”.
Page 102-115
Winter, Stacy; MacPherson, Alan C.; Collins, Dave

Elucidating the roles of motives and gains in exercise participation.
Page 116-131
Ingledew, David K.; Markland, David; Strömmer, Sofia T.

Normative and intraindividual changes in physical education motivation across the transition to middle school: A multilevel growth analysis.
Page 132-147
Ullrich-French, Sarah; Cox, Anne E.

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