Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 3, Issue 1

sepp-dsScholarship status, controlling coaching behavior, and intrinsic motivation in collegiate swimmers: A test of cognitive evaluation theory.
Pages 1-12
Matosic, Doris; Cox, Anne E.; Amorose, Anthony J.

Mental toughness, social support, and athletic identity: Moderators of the life stress–injury relationship in collegiate football players.
Pages 13-27
Petrie, Trent A.; Deiters, Jay; Harmison, Robert J.

On the transition into elite rugby league: Perceptions of players and coaching staff.
Pages 28-45
Jones, Rachel A.; Mahoney, John W.; Gucciardi, Daniel F.

Ordinary magic, extraordinary performance: Psychological resilience and thriving in high achievers.
Pages 46-60
Sarkar, Mustafa; Fletcher, David

The effects of team environment on cerebral cortical processes and attentional reserve.
Pages 61-74
Miller, Matthew W.; Presacco, Alessandro; Groman, Lawrence J.; Bur, Sean; Rietschel, Jeremy C.; Gentili, Rodolphe J.; McDonald, Craig G.; Iso-Ahola, Seppo E.; Hatfield, Bradley D.

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