SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education, Vol. 30 No. 2

schole-dsResearch Papers
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Career Paths in Sport Management
Keri A. Schwab, Eric Legg, Preston Tanner, Danielle Timmerman, Daniel Dustin, Skye G. Arthur-Banning

Effectively Adapting the Sport Management Curricula: Harnessing Internal and External Resources to Address Industry-Specific Needs
Jessica R. Braunstein-Minkove, Jaime R. DeLuca

Ruminations on the Academic Afterlife
Daniel Dustin, Gene Lamke, James Murphy, Cary McDonald, Brett Wright, Jack Harper

Fostering Student Engagement through a Multi-Day Industry Tour
Lorraine L. Taylor, Cindy L. Hartman, Elizabeth D. Baldwin

Changing Paradigm for Supporting Aging Individuals’ Health and Well-Being: A Framework for Professional Development
Elizabeth Kemeny, J. Beth Mabry

Learning Activites

Twenty-Plus Years of Exclusion in the Boy Scouts of America: A Simulated Debate on Inclusion in Public and Private Recreation Agencies
Corey W. Johnson

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