Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 29, March 2017

Highlighted Articles

Do web-based competitions promote physical activity? Randomized controlled trial
Original Research Article, Pages 1-9
Andrew Prestwich, Mark Conner, Ben Morris, Graham Finlayson, Bianca Sykes-Muskett, Robert Hurling

A longitudinal examination of stressors, appraisals, and coping in youth swimming
Original Research Article, Pages 56-68
Francesca P.I. Hayward, Camilla J. Knight, Stephen D. Mellalieu

Crossing boundaries: The perceived impact of disabled fitness instructors in the gym
Original Research Article, Pages 84-92
Emma V. Richardson, Brett Smith, Anthony Papathomas

Sport Psychology

“You have to be mental to jump off a board any way”: Elite divers’ conceptualizations and perceptions of mental health
Original Research Article, Pages 10-18
Melissa Coyle, Paul Gorczynski, Kass Gibson

Factors contributing to the quality of the transition out of elite sports in Swiss, Danish, and Polish athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 27-39
Andreas Kuettel, Eleanor Boyle, Juerg Schmid

Team weigh-ins and self-weighing: Relations to body-related perceptions and disordered eating in collegiate male athletes
Pages 51-55
Nick Galli, Trent Petrie, Justine Chatterton

Emotional experiences in youth tennis
Original Research Article, Pages 69-83
Francesca R. Lewis, Camilla J. Knight, Stephen D. Mellalieu

Self-control exertion and glucose supplementation prior to endurance performance
Original Research Article, Pages 103-110
Ruth Boat, Ian M. Taylor, Carl J. Hulston

Exercise Psychology

Self-control strength and physical exercise: An ecological momentary assessment study
Original Research Article, Pages 19-26
Anna Schöndube, Alex Bertrams, Gorden Sudeck, Reinhard Fuchs

Quality participation experiences in the physical activity domain: Perspectives of veterans with a physical disability
Original Research Article, Pages 40-50
Celina H. Shirazipour, M. Blair Evans, Nick Caddick, Brett Smith, Alice B. Aiken, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung

Predicting changes in student engagement in university physical education: Application of control-value theory of achievement emotions
Original Research Article, Pages 93-102
Alex C. Garn, Kelly Simonton, Timothy Dasingert, Angela Simonton

Exercise attitudes and behaviours among retired female collegiate athletes
Pages 111-115
Carolyn R. Plateau, Trent A. Petrie, Anthony Papathomas

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