Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 15, Issue 3, May 2014

pse-dsDecision-specific reinvestment scale: An exploration of its construct validity, and association with stress and coping appraisals
Original Research Article, Pages 238-246
Sylvain Laborde, Fabrice Dosseville, Noel P. Kinrade

Choosing to exercise more: Small choices increase exercise engagement
Original Research Article, Pages 268-271
Gabriele Wulf, Heidi E. Freitas, Richard D. Tandy

What matters when children play: Influence of Social Cognitive Theory and perceived environment on levels of physical activity among elementary-aged youth
Original Research Article, Pages 272-279
Brook E. Harmon, Claudio R. Nigg, Camonia Long, Katie Amato, Anwar, Eve Kutchman, Peter Anthamatten, Raymond C. Browning, Lois Brink, James O. Hill

Evaluation of the psychometric properties of a modified Positive and Negative Affect Schedule including a direction scale (PANAS-D) among French athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 227-237
Michel Nicolas, Guillaume Martinent, Mickaël Campo

Skill differences in visual anticipation of type of throw in team-handball penalties
Original Research Article, Pages 260-267
Florian Loffing, Norbert Hagemann

Intrinsic goals for leisure-time physical activity predict children’s daily step counts through autonomous motivation
Original Research Article, Pages 247-254
Jan Seghers, Nathalie Vissers, Cindy Rutten, Steven Decroos, Filip Boen

The association of physical activity to occipito-temporal processing during face recognition
Pages 255-259
Keita Kamijo, Yuji Takeda

Psychometric properties of the physical activity questionnaire for older children (PAQ-C) in the UK
Original Research Article, Pages 280-287
Erica L. Thomas, Dominic Upton

Does the German version of the Exercise Dependence Scale measure exercise dependence?
Original Research Article, Pages 288-292
Astrid Müller, Brian Cook, Heike Zander, Antonia Herberg, Verena Müller, Martina de Zwaan

Group cohesion and adherence in unstructured exercise groups
Original Research Article, Pages 293-298
Kevin S. Spink, Jocelyn D. Ulvick, Alyson J. Crozier, Kathleen S. Wilson

On the stability and relevance of the exercise heart rate–music-tempo preference relationship
Original Research Article, Pages 299-310
Costas I. Karageorghis, Leighton Jones

Corrigendum to “Spontaneous and experimentally induced action planning and coping planning for physical activity: A meta-analysis” [Psychol Sport Exerc 14 (2013) 228–248]
Pages 311-318
Natasha Carraro, Patrick Gaudreau

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