Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity Volume 6, Issue 1

bjhpa-dsInfluence of strength, endurance and concurrent training on the lipid profile and blood testosterone and cortisol response in young male wrestlers
Mirghani, Seyed Javad / Alinejad, Hamid Agha / Azarbayjani, Mohammad Ali / Mazidi, Ahmad / Mirghani, Seyed Ali
Page 7

Daily step counts and selected biological and psychological variables in 16-18-year-old girls
Kantanista, Adam / Lisowski, Pawel / Glapa, Agata
Page 17

Changes in maximal aerobic fitness and students’ attitude towards physical effort during outdoor and indoor school lessons of Physical Education
Pasek, Marcin / Michalowska-Sawczyn, Monika / Nowak-Zaleska, Alicja
Page 24

Motivations and effects of practicing Nordic Walking by elderly people
Knapik, Andrzej / Saulicz, Edward / Mysliwiec, Andrzej / Saulicz, Mariola / Warmuz-Wancisiewicz, Aneta
Page 34

Motivations for undertaking physical activity by first-year students of Faculty of Physical Education in 2000 and 2010
Nowak-Zaleska, Alicja / Zaleski, Ryszard / Wilk, Barbara / Walentukiewicz, Anna / Pasek, Marcin
Page 41

Study regarding the role of motivation in the sport performance activities
Dragos, Paul Florian
Page 48

Changes in the group’s social structure in mountain tourism
Lucaciu, Gheorghe / Marinau, Marius Alin / Stef, Mirela / Dragos, Paul Florian
Page 56

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