Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism Volume 19, Issue 3, 2013

Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism publiceras av De Gruyter och är open access, det vill säga att samtliga artiklar är tillgängliga i fulltext. Klicka på rubrikerna nedan för att komma till abstractsidan där det finns en länk till pdf-version av artikeln.

pjst300The Impact of Ankle Joint Stiffening by Ski Equipment on Maintenance of Body Balance
Gustyn, Mirosław
Page 168

The Influence of a 7-Week Preparatory Period on Hormonal and Metabolic Responses in Soccer Players / Metabolic and Hormonal Response to Training
Opaszowski, Benedykt H. / Tyc, Zbigniew / Obmiński, Zbigniew / Danielik, Tomasz / Korkuć, Marcin / Długołȩcka, Barbara
Page 178

Selected Cognitive And Emotional Resources Of Untrained Youth And Young Wrestlers
Rutkowska, Katarzyna / Gierczuk, Dariusz
Page 190

The Influence of a Specific Tourist and Sightseeing Program on Region Related Knowledge
Wojciechowski, Krzysztof H. / Bochenek, Marcin / Rafalska, Beata
Page 202

Tourism and Local Governments in Hungary: The Position of Tourism in Local Council Committees of Local Governments
Kozma, Gábor / Michalkó, Gábor / Radics, Zsolt
Page 208

The Structure of Self-Esteem Among Physical Education Students in the Selected Academies in Poland
Brojek, Anna
Page 212

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