Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 6, 2018, Issue 2

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Page 43
Katinka van de Ven

The use of performance-enhancing technologies in sports through Nicolas Agar’s “truly human enhancement” approach
Original Research Article Pages 44-52
Francisco Javier López Frías

Religious faith, academic stress, and instrumental drug use in a sample of Western-African University students
Original Research Article Pages 53-58
Wanja Wolff, Sandra Asantewaa Boama

Negotiating privacy. Athletes’ assessment and knowledge of the ADAMS
Original Research Article Pages 59-68
Marcel Scharf, Nils Zurawski, Tom Ruthenberg

I’m a poor lonesome rider. Help! I could dope
Original Research Article Pages 69-74
Bertrand Fincoeur, Rachel Cunningham, Fabien Ohl

Exploring the dark-side of fitness trackers: Normalization, objectification and the anaesthetisation of human experience
Original Research Article Pages 75-81
John Toner

“I need to go to the gym”: Exploring the use of rational emotive behaviour therapy upon exercise addiction, irrational and rational beliefs
Original Research Article Pages 82-93
L. Outar, M.J. Turner, A.G. Wood, R. Lowry

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