Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 2, Issue 1, March 2013

peh-dsBeyond sport: Performance enhancement in music and work
Editorial Pages 1-2
Jason Mazanov

‘Playing like a girl’: Practices and performance ideals at the piano
Original Research Article Pages 3-7
Sarah Maslen

Developing athletic “atomic armaments”: The role of sports medicine in Cold War France, 1958–1992
Original Research Article Pages 8-16
Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff

Psychosocial predictors of nutritional supplement use among leisure time exercisers
Original Research Article Pages 17-23
Kyriakos Tsochas, Lambros Lazuras, Vassilis Barkoukis

Use and rationale for taking nutritional supplements among collegiate athletes at risk for nutrient deficiencies
Original Research Article Pages 24-29
Elizabeth Kiertscher, Nancy M. DiMarco

Development and validation of the Exercise Dependence and Elite Athletes Scale
Original Research Article Pages 30-36
Justin McNamara, Marita P. McCabe

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