Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 37, 2019, Issue 4

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Can a teacher-led RCT improve adolescent girls’ physical self-perception and perceived motor competence?
Natalie Lander, Judith Mergen, Philip J. Morgan, Jo Salmon & Lisa M. Barnett
Pages: 357-363

Behavioural and Social Sciences

Directional aiming bias in golf putting
Jaeho Shim, Hyuk Chung & Jitae Kim
Pages: 364-369

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Application of the principal component waveform analysis to identify improvements in vertical jump performance
Pablo Floría, Alberto Sánchez-Sixto & Andrew J. Harrison
Pages: 370-377

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

The feasibility of fundamental movement skill assessments for pre-school aged children
Brooke Klingberg, Natasha Schranz, Lisa M. Barnett, Verity Booth & Katia Ferrar
Pages: 378-386

Physiology and Nutrition

Do aerobic characteristics explain isometric exercise-induced neuromuscular fatigue and recovery in upper and lower limbs?
Gianluca Vernillo, John Temesi, Matthieu Martin & Guillaume Y. Millet
Pages: 387-395

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Metabolic and kinematic responses while walking and running on a motorised and a curved non-motorised treadmill
Paolo Bruseghini, Enrico Tam, Andrea Monte, Carlo Capelli & Paola Zamparo
Pages: 396-403

A battery of strength tests for evidence-based classification in Para swimming
Luke Hogarth, Vaughan Nicholson, Jemima Spathis, Sean Tweedy, Emma Beckman, Mark Connick, Peter van de Vliet, Carl Payton & Brendan Burkett
Pages: 404-413

Mid-flight lateral trunk bending increased ipsilateral leg loading during landing: a center of mass analysis
Taylour J. Hinshaw, Daniel J. Davis, Jacob S. Layer, Margaret A. Wilson, Qin Zhu & Boyi Dai
Pages: 414-423

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

The association of major patterns of physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleeping with mortality in older adults
Ana Bayán-Bravo, Raúl F. Pérez-Tasigchana, Esther López-García, David Martínez-Gómez, Fernando Rodríguez-Artalejo & Pilar Guallar-Castillón
Pages: 424-433

Sports Performance

Short-term optimal load training vs a modified complex training in semi-professional basketball players
Tomás T. Freitas, Julio Calleja-González, Jorge Carlos-Vivas, Elena Marín-Cascales & Pedro E. Alcaraz
Pages: 434-442

Eccentric flywheel post-activation potentiation influences swimming start performance kinetics
Francisco Cuenca-Fernández, Gracia López-Contreras, Luis Mourão, Karla de Jesus, Kelly de Jesus, Rodrigo Zacca, J. Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes & Raúl Arellano
Pages: 443-451

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Physical fitness predicts the academic achievement over one-school year follow-up period in adolescents
Francisco Javier Gil-Espinosa, Cristina Cadenas-Sanchez & Palma Chillón
Pages: 452-457

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Examination of the neuromechanical factors contributing to golf swing performance
W. B. Sheehan, M. L. Watsford & E. C. Pickering Rodriguez
Pages: 458-466

Is there a sweet spot on the foot in Australian football drop punt kicking?
James Peacock & Kevin Ball
Pages: 467-476

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