Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Volume 29, 2020, Issue 6


Adaptations of the Upper Body to Plyometric Training in Cricket Players of Different Age Groups
Deepika Singla and M. Ejaz Hussain
Pages: 697–706

Acute Effects of Hip Mobilization With Movement Technique on Pain and Biomechanics in Females With Patellofemoral Pain: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Guilherme S. Nunes, Débora Faria Wolf, Daniel Augusto dos Santos, Marcos de Noronha and Fábio Viadanna Serrão
Pages: 707–715

Greater Lumbar Extension During Dolphin Kick and Psoas Major Tightness in Swimmers With Low Back Pain
Gakuto Kitamura, Hiroshige Tateuchi and Noriaki Ichihashi
Pages: 716–722

Temporal Patterns of Knee-Extensor Isokinetic Torque Strength in Male and Female Athletes Following Comparison of Anterior Thigh and Knee Cooling Over a Rewarming Period
Jill Alexander and David Rhodes
Pages: 723–729

Effect of the FIFA 11+ on Landing Patterns and Baseline Movement Errors in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players
Hadi Akbari, Mansour Sahebozamani, Ablolhamid Daneshjoo, Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani and Yohei Shimokochi
Pages: 730–737

Monopodal Postural Stability Assessment by Wireless Inertial Measurement Units Through the Fast Fourier Transform
José Pino-Ortega, Alejandro Hernández-Belmonte, Carlos D. Gómez-Carmona, Alejandro Bastida-Castillo, Javier García-Rubio and Sergio J. Ibáñez
Pages: 738–747

Performance Differences Between the Modified Star Excursion Balance Test and the Y-Balance Test in Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability
Jupil Ko, Erik Wikstrom, Yumeng Li, Michelle Weber and Cathleen N. Brown
Pages: 748–753

Strength–Duration Curves of Radial Nerve in Patients With Lateral Elbow Pain
Blanca de la Cruz Torres
Pages: 754–759

Comparison of Drop Jump and Tuck Jump Knee Joint Kinematics in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players: Implications for Injury Risk Screening
Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, Gregory D. Myer, Mark B. De Ste Croix, Josh Wass and Paul J. Read
Pages: 760–765

Isokinetic Fatigue Ratio of Shoulder Rotators in Elite Softball Players With and Without Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy, and its Association With the Subacromial Space
Rodney Y. L. Wong, Patrick S. H. Yung and H. T. Leong
Pages: 766–771

Fear-Avoidance Beliefs and Health-Related Quality of Life in Post-ACL Reconstruction and Healthy Athletes: A Case–Control Study
Johanna M. Hoch, Megan N. Houston, Shelby E. Baez and Matthew C. Hoch
Pages: 772–776

A Clinical Comparison of Home-Based and Hospital-Based Exercise Programs Following Arthroscopic Capsulolabral Repair for Anterior Shoulder Instability
İlker Eren, Nazan Canbulat, Ata Can Atalar, Şule Meral Eren, Ayla Uçak, Önder Çerezci and Mehmet Demirhan
Pages: 777–782

The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Muscle Injuries in Swedish Elite Male Football Players
Mattias Eckerman, Kjell Svensson, Gunnar Edman and Marie Alricsson
Pages: 783–788

Is an Elastic Ankle Support Effective in Improving Jump Landing Performance, and Static and Dynamic Balance in Young Adults With and Without Chronic Ankle Instability?
Cornelius John, Andreas Stotz, Julian Gmachowski, Anna Lina Rahlf, Daniel Hamacher, Karsten Hollander and Astrid Zech
Pages: 789–794

Patient-Reported Outcomes and Perceived Confidence Measures in Athletes With a History of Ankle Sprain
Revay O. Corbett, Tyler R. Keith and Jay Hertel
Pages: 795–800

Injury Profile of Elite Male Young Soccer Players in a Spanish Professional Soccer Club: A Prospective Study During 4 Consecutive Seasons
Javier Raya-González, Luis Suárez-Arrones, Archit Navandar, Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández and Eduardo Sáez de Villarreal
Pages: 801–807

Relationship Between Pain Catastrophizing and 6-Month Outcomes Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Kate N. Jochimsen, Margaret R. Pelton, Carl G. Mattacola, Laura J. Huston, Emily K. Reinke, Kurt P. Spindler, Christian Lattermann and Cale A. Jacobs
Pages: 808–812

Comparison of Regional Hamstrings Activation During Resistance Exercises in Females With Prior Athletic Experience
Kevin McCurdy and John Walker
Pages: 813–819


Open access
Scapular Kinematics in Athletes With and Without Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review
Xin Fu, Patrick Shu-hang Yung, Chun Cheong Ma and Hio Teng Leong
Pages: 820–829


Ultrasound Imaging of the Paraspinal Muscles for Interscapular Pain After Back Massage
Vincenzo Ricci and Levent Özçakar
Pages: 830–832


Open access
Do Older Adults With Reduced Bone Mineral Density Benefit From Strength Training? A Critically Appraised Topic
Maja Zamoscinska, Irene R. Faber and Dirk Büsch
Pages: 833–840

Open access
The Effect of Kinesio Tape on Factors for Neuromuscular Control of the Lower-Extremity: A Critically Appraised Topic
Nickolai Martonick, Kimber Kober, Abigail Watkins, Amanda DiEnno, Carmen Perez, Ashlie Renfro, Songah Chae and Russell Baker
Pages: 841–846

Open access
Does Dehydration Affect the Adaptations of Plasma Volume, Heart Rate, Internal Body Temperature, and Sweat Rate During the Induction Phase of Heat Acclimation?
Yasuki Sekiguchi, Erica M. Filep, Courteney L. Benjamin, Douglas J. Casa and Lindsay J. DiStefano
Pages: 847–850


Open access
Portable, One-Dimensional, Trunk-Flexor Muscle Strength Measurement System
Jefferson Fagundes Loss, Edgar Santiago Wagner Neto, Tatiane Borsoi de Siqueira, Aline Dill Winck, Laura Silveira de Moura and Luiz Carlos Gertz
Pages: 851–854

Open access
Intrarater and Interrater Reliability of a Passive Shoulder Flexion Range of Motion Measurement for Latissimus Dorsi Flexibility in Young Competitive Swimmers
Stef Feijen, Angela Tate, Kevin Kuppens, Thomas Struyf, Anke Claes and Filip Struyf
Pages: 855–858

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