Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Volume 29, 2020, Issue 4



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The Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping in Recovering From Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: A Crossover Study
Berkiye Kirmizigil, Jeffry Roy Chauchat, Omer Yalciner, Gozde Iyigun, Ender Angin and Gul Baltaci
Pages: 385–393

Comparison of Muscle Activity Using Unstable Devices During a Forward Lunge
Lucinda E. Bouillon, Michael Hofener, Andrew O’Donnel, Amanda Milligan and Craig Obrock
Pages: 394–399

Self-Myofascial Release of the Superficial Back Line Improves Sit-and-Reach Distance
Whitney Williams and Noelle M. Selkow
Pages: 400–404

Sex-Specific Dependence of Linear and Nonlinear Postural Control Metrics on Anthropometrics During Clinical Balance Tests in Healthy Young Adults
Stephen M. Glass, Brian L. Cone, Christopher K. Rhea, Donna M. Duffy and Scott E. Ross
Pages: 405–412

Fear Avoidance Following Musculoskeletal Injury in Male Adolescent Gaelic Footballers
Sinéad O’Keeffe, Niamh Ní Chéilleachair and Siobhán O’Connor
Pages: 413–419

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Acute Effects of Pectoralis Minor Self-Mobilization on Shoulder Motion and Posture: A Blinded and Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study in Asymptomatic Individuals
Kevin Laudner and Kyle Thorson
Pages: 420–424

The Relationship Between the Golf-Specific Movement Screen and Golf Performance
Sophie Speariett and Ross Armstrong
Pages: 425–435

Effects of Short-Foot Exercises on Foot Posture, Pain, Disability, and Plantar Pressure in Pes Planus
Banu Unver, Emin Ulas Erdem and Eda Akbas
Pages: 436–440

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The Effects of Attentional Focus on Brain Function During a Gross Motor Task
Louisa D. Raisbeck, Jed A. Diekfuss, Dustin R. Grooms and Randy Schmitz
Pages: 441–447

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Turn Characteristics During Gait Differ With and Without a Cognitive Demand Among College Athletes
Lauren A. Brown, Eric E. Hall, Caroline J. Ketcham, Kirtida Patel, Thomas A. Buckley, David R. Howell and Srikant Vallabhajosula
Pages: 448–453

The Effect of Cryotherapy Application to the Knee Joint on Dynamic Postural Stability
Karl Fullam, Brian Caulfield, Garrett F. Coughlan, Wayne McNulty, David Campbell and Eamonn Delahunt
Pages: 454–462

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Verbal Instruction Reduces Patellofemoral Joint Loading During Bodyweight Squatting
Thomas G. Almonroeder, Emily Watkins and Tricia Widenhoefer
Pages: 463–468

The Impact of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow on Shoulder External Rotators and Abductors’ Peak Torque
Bassam A. Nabil, Mariam A. Ameer, Azza M. Abdelmohsen, Abeer F. Hanafy, Ahmed S. Yamani, Naglaa M. Elhafez and Salam M. Elhafez
Pages: 469–475

Are Hip Physical Examination Findings Predictive of Future Lower-Body Injury Rates in Elite Adolescent Female Soccer Athletes at Minimum 5-Year Follow-Up?
Abby L. Cheng, John A. Merlo, Devyani Hunt, Ted Yemm, Robert H. Brophy and Heidi Prather
Pages: 476–482

Submaximal Cricket Fast Bowling Offers a Disproportionate Reduction in Loading Versus Performance: An Alternative Workload Intervention
Matt Greig and Benjamin Child
Pages: 483–487


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The Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on Joint Position Sense: A Systematic Review
Hiroshi Takasaki, Yu Okubo and Shun Okuyama
Pages: 488–497


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Use of Goal Setting to Enhance Self-Efficacy After Sports-Related Injury: A Critically Appraised Topic
Caitlin Brinkman, Shelby E. Baez, Francesca Genoese and Johanna M. Hoch
Pages: 498–502

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A Critically Appraised Topic on the Tuck Jump Assessment: Does the Tuck Jump Assessment Demonstrate Interrater and Intrarater Reliability in Healthy Individuals?
Marissa L. Mason, Marissa N. Clemons, Kaylyn B. LaBarre, Nicole R. Szymczak and Nicole J. Chimera
Pages: 503–508

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The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma for Conservative Treatment of Partial Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tears in Overhead Athletes: A Critically Appraised Topic
Bradley J. Conant, Nicole A. German and Shannon L. David
Pages: 509–514


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The Perceived Tightness Scale Does Not Provide Reliable Estimates of Blood Flow Restriction Pressure
Zachary W. Bell, Scott J. Dankel, Robert W. Spitz, Raksha N. Chatakondi, Takashi Abe and Jeremy P. Loenneke
Pages: 516–518

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Examining the Reliability of the Landing Error Scoring System With Raters Using the Standardized Instructions and Scoring Sheet
Eoin Everard, Mark Lyons and Andrew J. Harrison
Pages: 519–525

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