Journal of Sport Behavior Vol. 36, No. 4, December 2013

Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama
Publisher: Psychology Department, University of South Alabama

Bullying Experiences of Individuals with Visual Impairment: The Mitigating Role of Sport Participation
In 2007, the National Institute of Health published a study indicating that one in three middle school and high school students have been bullied in the past academic year (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health…

“Do I Still Want to Play?” Parents’ and Peers’ Influences on Girls’ Continuation in Sport
Significant figures in children’s Jives, such as parents, coaches and peers contribute to the creation of the motivational climate, which is defined through these figures’ behaviors, values, attitudes and communications and affect how children come…

Examining the Benefits of Athlete Leaders in Sport
Leadership is viewed as an important component for team success (Weinberg & McDermott, 2002). Effective leadership can propel groups in new directions and promote change towards achieving its objective (Bennis & Nanus, 1985). In sport, leadership…

Home Advantage and Crowd Size in Soccer: A Worldwide Study
Twenty years ago Courneya and Carron (1992) described home advantage as “the consistent finding that home teams in sport competitions win over 50% of the matches played under a balanced home and away schedule”, and since then its existence has been…

Roles of Team Identification and Game Outcome in Sport Fan Superstitious Behaviors
Superstitions in sport is a topic that has been researched to some degree from the perspective of the athlete. Media outlets such as ESPN, ABC, and CBC Sports Online have chronicled specific superstitions of athletes, from Major League Baseball’s Wade…

Student Athlete Perceptions of Academic Success and Athlete Stereotypes on Campus
Intercollegiate athletes are asked to navigate the dual role of student and athlete successfully despite time-constraints and competing external pressures from both athletic and academic entities. Intertwining practices and athletic contests with classes…

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