Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 41, 2019, Issue 4

The Role of Psychological Flexibility in Physical Activity Maintenance
Matthew Jenkins, Elaine A. Hargreaves and Ken Hodge
Pages: 185–193

Aggie Play: A Gender-Relevant Physical Activity Program for Girls
Phillip Post and Rebecca Palacios
Pages: 194–205

Temporal Dynamics of Varying Physical Loads on Speed and Accuracy of Cognitive Control
Thomas Finkenzeller, Sabine Würth, Michael Doppelmayr and Günter Amesberger
Pages: 206–214

Open access
The Development of the Physical Activity and Social Support Scale
Natalie M. Golaszewski and John B. Bartholomew
Pages: 215–229

Attention, Perception, and Action in a Simulated Decision-Making Task
Stefanie Hüttermann, Paul R. Ford, A. Mark Williams, Matyas Varga and Nicholas J. Smeeton
Pages: 230–241

“Men are Better Than Women!” The Positive Effect of a Negative Stereotype Toward Women on a Self-Paced Cycling Exercise
Maxime Deshayes, Corentin Clément-Guillotin and Raphaël Zory
Pages: 242–250

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