Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Volume 35, Issue 6, December 2013

jsep300Original Research

Champ or Chump?: Challenge and Threat States During Pressurized Competition
Lee J. Moore, Mark R. Wilson, Samuel J. Vine, Adam H. Coussens, Paul Freeman

The Motivational Effects of Social Contagion on Exercise Participation in Young Female Adults
Tanya M.F. Scarapicchia, Ross E. Andersen, Enrique Garcia Bengoechea

Experts in Offside Decision Making Learn to Compensate for Their Illusory Perceptions
Koen Put, Marcus V.C. Baldo, André M. Cravo, Johan Wagemans, Werner F. Helsen

The Influence of Referees’ Expertise, Gender, Motivation, and Time Constraints on Decisional Bias Against Women
Nicolas Souchon, Andrew G. Livingstone, Gregory R. Maio

A Cluster Analysis of Affective States Before and During Competition
Guillaume Martinent, Michel Nicolas, Patrick Gaudreau, Mickaël Campo

Feelings of Energy, Exercise-Related Self-Efficacy, and Voluntary Exercise Participation
Seok Yoon, Janet Buckworth, Brian C. Focht, Bomna Ko

Moderating Influence of Dominant Attentional Style and Exercise Intensity on Responses to Asynchronous Music
Jasmin C. Hutchinson, Costas I. Karageorghis

The Integrated Model of Sport Confidence: A Canonical Correlation and Mediational Analysis
Stefan Koehn, Alan J. Pearce, Tony Morris

Research Note

The Role of Body Awareness and Mindfulness in the Relationship Between Exercise and Eating Behavior
Rachel Martin, Ivanka Prichard, Amanda D. Hutchinson, Carlene Wilson

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