Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 17, 2020, Issue 5



Are BMI, Self-Perceptions, Motor Competence, Engagement, and Fitness Related to Physical Activity in Physical Education Lessons?
Nadia Cristina Valentini, Glauber Carvalho Nobre, Mariele Santayana de Souza and Michael J. Duncan
Pages: 493–500

Prevalence of Total and Domain-Specific Physical Activity and Associated Factors Among Nepalese Adults: A Quantile Regression Analysis
Susan Paudel, Alice J. Owen, Stephane Heritier and Ben J. Smith
Pages: 501–511

Trends in Muscle-Strengthening Exercise Among Nationally Representative Samples of United States Adults Between 2011 and 2017
Jason A. Bennie, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, Jan Seghers, Stuart J.H. Biddle and Katrien De Cocker
Pages: 512–518

Influence of Previous-Year Physical Activity on the Cognition of Older COPD Patients During Exacerbation
Irene Torres-Sánchez, Araceli Ortiz-Rubio, Irene Cabrera-Martos, María Granados-Santiago, Isabel López-Torres and Marie Carmen Valenza
Pages: 519–524

Academic Achievement and Physical Activity: The Ideal Relationship to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle in Adolescents
Sergio Estrada-Tenorio, José A. Julián, Alberto Aibar, José Martín-Albo and Javier Zaragoza
Pages: 525–532

Hydration Does Not Change Postexercise Hypotension and Its Mechanisms
Fernando S. Lobo, Andreia C.C. Queiroz, Natan D. Silva Junior, Fabio L. Medina, Luiz A.R. Costa, Tais Tinucci and Claudia L.M. Forjaz
Pages: 533–539

Understanding the Role of Fathers in Children’s Physical Activity: A Qualitative Study
Cody D. Neshteruk, Deborah J. Jones, Asheley Skinner, Alice Ammerman, Deborah F. Tate and Dianne S. Ward
Pages: 540–547

Self-Efficacy, Social-Support, and Physical Activity Measures Among Hospital Employees: A Multisite Cross-Sectional Study
Jemima C. John, Shreela V. Sharma, Deanna Hoelscher, Michael D. Swartz and Chuck Huber
Pages: 548–556

Moderators of Parents’ Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment and Children’s Physical Activity, Time Outside, and Screen Time
Stephen Hunter, Valerie Carson, Anna Timperio, Jo Salmon, Alison Carver and Jenny Veitch
Pages: 557–565


The Effectiveness of Classical Ballet Training on Health-Related Outcomes: A Systematic Review
Meg E. Letton, Jeanette M. Thom and Rachel E. Ward
Pages: 566–574

Can IGF-1 Serum Levels Really be Changed by Acute Physical Exercise? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Diego de Alcantara Borba, Eduardo da Silva Alves, João Paulo Pereira Rosa, Lucas Alves Facundo, Carlos Magno Amaral Costa, Aldo Coelho Silva, Fernanda Veruska Narciso, Andressa Silvaand Marco Túlio de Mello
Pages: 575–584

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