Journal of Leisure Research Vol. 47 No. 5

jls-dsRegular Papers

Exploring the Role of Time Perspective in Leisure Choices: What About the Balanced Time Perspective?
Juan A. García, Belén Ruiz

Role of Leisure in Meaning-Making for Community-Dwelling Adults with Mental Illness: Inspiration for Engaged Life
Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Emily Messina, John Shank, Catherine Coyle

Leisure Time, Leisure Activities, and Happiness in China: Evidence from a National Survey
Xiang Wei, Songshan (Sam) Huang, Monika Stodolska, Yihua Yu

Family Leisure: An Integrative Review of Research from Select Journals
Camilla Hodge, Jason N. Bocarro, Karla A. Henderson, Ramon Zabriskie, Toby L. Parcel, Michael A. Kanters

Free Sample Article
Conceptualizing Structured Experiences: Seeking Interdisciplinary Integration
Mat D. Duerden, Peter J. Ward, Patti A. Freeman

Women’s Sexual Sensation Seeking and Risk Taking in Leisure Travel
Liza Berdychevsky, Heather Gibson

Research Notes

Toward Conceptual Advancement of Costs and Perseverance within the Serious Leisure Perspective
Matthew Lamont, Millicent Kennelly, Brent D. Moyle

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