Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity, Volume 14, Issue 1

Examining the   of a PETTLEP Imagery Intervention on the Football Skill Performance of Novice Athletes
ebrahim norouzi, Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini, Mohammad Sadegh Afroozeh, Mohammad Vaezmosavi, Markus Gerber, Uwe Puehse, Serge Brand

Investigating the Predictors of Intrusive Visual Imagery in Elite Athletes
James Bierton, Adam Gorman, Michael Lloyd, Alexandra Gorman, John K. Parker, Geoff Lovell

Mental Imagery in Volleyball Settings: A Scoping Review
Joana Ribeiro, Cláudia Dias, Valter Cardoso Barbosa Filho, José Cruz, António Fonseca

The Effectiveness of Mental Practice Interventions on Psychological Health in Stroke Patients: A Systematic Review
Vera Storm, Till Utesch

Mental Imagery and Strength Training: Student Athletes’ Perceptions, Desires, and the Impact of Psychoeducation
Alex Francis Xavier Wallace, Lindsey C. Blom, Thomas W. Gretton

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