Journal of Human Sport and Exercise Vol. 9, No. 1, 2014

jhseSports Science

Resistance exercise load reduction and exercise-induced micro-damage
Jaqueline S. Silva, Alexander J. Koch, Joseane C. Medeiros, Michele L. Silva, Marco Machado

Stationary roller versus velodrome for maximal cycling test: a comparison
Aldo M. Costa

Does the experience influence the efficacy of football coach? A perspective from coaches with different levels of experience as player and as coach
Daniel Silva Duarte, Júlio Garganta, António Fonseca

Performance Analysis

Athlete burnout and motivational dynamics: a multiple case follow-up study among elite BMX riders
Emma Guillet-Descas, Sandrine Isoard-Gautheur

Heart rate responses of referees during the 2011 Eurobasket Championship
Alejandro Vaquera, Andrew James Renfree, Gavin Thomas, Alan St Clair Gibson, Julio Calleja-Gonzalez

The relationship between speed factors and agility in sport games
Pavol Horička, Ján Hianik, Jaromír Šimonek

Effect of plyometric training on sand versus grass on muscle soreness and selected sport-specific performance variables in hockey players
Amrinder Singh, Gaur Sakshi, Sandhu Jaspal Singh

Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry

Physical and physiological attributes of soccer goalkeepers – Should we rely only on means and standard deviations
Pantelis Nikolaidis, Gal Ziv, Michal Arnon, Ronnie Lidor

Intra-session stability of short-term heart rate variability measurement: gender and total spectral power influence
Lukas Cipryan, Martina Litschmannova

Comparison of maximum lactate between Course Navette Test and Hoff Test in soccer players at 2600 meters above sea level
Henry Humberto León, Jhon Fredy Ramírez, Alveiro Sánchez, Jeison Daniel Salazar, Leonardo Orjuela, Sonia Viviana Anzola

Physical Activity for Health

Longitudinal study of physical fitness levels, BMI and childhood obesity in school context
Julio Martis, Samuel Honório, Aldo M. Costa, Marco Batista, João Cardoso

Adolescents’ physical activity profile according to parental physical activity participation
Adilson Marques, João Martins, Fábio Santos, Francisco Carreiro da Costa

Physical Education / Children & Exercise

The effect of an intercultural Physical Education Program in comparison to the typical one on students’ social skills learning
Vassiliki Derri, Iraklis Kellis, Nikolas Vernadakis, Evaggelos Albanidis, Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou

What motives induce to choose Physical Education as an optative subject at Post-Compulsory Secondary Education 2nd grade?
Alberto Gómez Mármmol

Design and validation of an observational instrument to assess the technical execution in top-rope climbing
Elena Hernández Hernández, Pablo Caballero Blanco, Alejandro Gómez Rodríguez, Jesus Morenas Martín

Sport Psychology/Motor Skill

The effect of self-talk on Tae-kwon-do skills’ learning of novice athletes and perceived use of it
Eleni Zetou

Preliminary validation of the Italian version of the original sport motivation scale
Filippo Candela, Giulia Zucchetti, Carlo Villosio

Research articles

Energy requirements in top-level DanceSport Athletes.
Andrea Zanchini, Marco Malaguti

The technical quality of the service provided by adventure companies in Spain, Italy and Costa Rica.
Lázaro Mediavilla Saldaña, Vicente Felipe Gómez Encinas, Alfonso Sánchez Burón

Review articles

Laboratory-based tests for swimmers: methodology, reliability, considerations and relationship with front-crawl performance
Athanasios Antonios Dalamitros, Vassiliki Manou Manou, Jailton Gregorio Pelarigo

Criterion-related validity of toe-touch test for estimating hamstring extensibility: A meta-analysis
Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Jesús Viciana, Armando Cocca, Rafael Merino-Marban

Sport and Authenticity
Miloš Bednář

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