Journal of Human Sport and Exercise Vol. 8, No. 3, 2013

jhsePerformance Analysis

The examination of physical education performance with relation to the social background and nutrition
Margit Borkovits 553-559

Visual exploratory activity and resultant behavioural analysis of youth midfield soccer players
David Eldridge, Craig Pulling, Matthew Robins 560-577

Historical, tactical and structural analysis of the 4:2 defensive play system in handball
Jose Julio Espina 578-590

Employment time-out in volleyball formative stages
Carmen Fernández-Echeverria, Alexander Gil, Alexander Gil, Luis García-González, Luis García-González, Filipe Carrasco, Filipe Carrasco, Fernando Claver, Fernando Claver, Fernando Del Villar, Fernando Del Villar 591-600

The relationship between the incidence of winners/errors and the time spent in different areas of the court in elite tennis
Rafael Martínez-Gallego, Jose F. Guzmán, Nic James, Jesús Ramón-Llin, Miguel Crespo, Goran Vuckovic 601-607

The use of hyperoxia as a way to accelerate recovery after a karate and judo match
Martin Pupiš, Miroslav Sližik, Pavol Bartík 608-614

Action sequence analysis in team handball
Norbert Schrapf, Marcus Tilp 615-621

Reliability & linearity of an electronic body protector employed in taekwondo games: a preliminary study
Niki Tasika 622-632

The anthropometric profile of elite roller figure skaters
Mª Helena Vila, J. Arturo Abraldes, Nuria Rodríguez, Carmen Manchado, Carmen Ferragut 633-641

Analysis of Movement Pattern among Referee in 2012 Malaysian Cup
Rahmat Adnan, Nasriq Muzayin, Norasrudin Sulaiman 642-650

Relationship between performance in game actions and the match result. A study in volleyball training stages
Fernando Claver Rabaz, Ruth Jiménez Castuera, Alexander Gil Arias, Alberto Moreno Domínguez, M. Perla Moreno Arroyo 651-659

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