Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education Volume 13, 2013

jhlste-dsAcademic Papers

School and Hotel Integration: Practices and experiences from stakeholders
Original Research Article Pages 5-18
Loretta Wai-ling Pang, Simon Chak-keung Wong, Nicole Chi-mun Wong

A cross cultural study of antecedents on career preparation behavior: Learning motivation, academic achievement, and career decision self-efficacy
Original Research Article Pages 19-32
KyuHwan Choi, Dae-Young Kim

Revisiting hospitality internship practices: A holistic investigation
Original Research Article 
Pages 33-46
Anastasios Zopiatis, Antonis L. Theocharous

‘Short of a Picnic?’: Reconsidering sandwich-programmes in cruise education
Original Research Article Pages 47-59
Alexis Papathanassis, Imke Matuszewski, Kai Havekost

A tourism immersion internship: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction
Original Research Article Pages 60-69
Lisa Ruhanen, Richard Robinson, Noreen Breakey

“What d’you know, you’re a girl!” Gendered experiences of sport coach education
Original Research Article Pages 70-77
Laura Graham, Mark McKenna, Scott Fleming

Developing and evaluating a hospitality skill module for enhancing performance of undergraduate hospitality students
Original Research Article Pages 78-86
Chih-Ching Teng

International experience and graduate employability: Perceptions of Chinese international students in the UK
Original Research Article Pages 87-96
Rong Huang

Contributors to hospitality students’ knowledge enhancement
Original Research Article Pages 97-106
Timothy Jung, Elizabeth M. Ineson, Charles Hains, Mincheol Kim

Curriculum planning of MICE course in continuing education
Original Research Article Pages 107-122
Pi-feng Hsieh

Taking the plunge: Reflections on the decision to register for a doctorate
Original Research Article Pages 123-131
Jane Barnett, Brendan Cropley, Sheldon Hanton, Scott Fleming

Assessment preferences of sport science students
Original Research Article Pages 132-136
Yunus Arslan

Academic engagement of hospitality students
Original Research Article Pages 141-153
Donald G. Schoffstall, Susan W. Arendt, Eric A. Brown

Perceptions of hospitality careers among ethnic minority students
Original Research Article Pages 161-167
Han Wen, Juan M. Madera

Normative factors influencing hospitality instructors to teach online
Original Research Article Pages 168-179
Cynthia Mejia, Kelly Virginia Phelan

Experiencing student learning and tourism training in a 3D virtual world: An exploratory study
Original Research Article Pages 190-201
Yu-Chih Huang, Sheila J. Backman, Lan-Lan Chang, Kenneth F. Backman, Francis A. McGuire

Assessing students’ low carbon literacy by Ridit IPA approach
Original Research Article Pages 202-212
Meng-Lei Monica Hu, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Chih-Ching Chris Teng, Chia-Dai Yen

An empirical investigation of the effectiveness of project-based course learning within hospitality programs: The mediating role of cognitive engagement
Original Research Article Pages 213-225
Shu-Yun “Sophie” Cheng

Academic perceptions of quality and quality assurance in undergraduate hospitality, tourism and leisure programmes: A comparison of UK and Taiwanese programmes
Original Research Article Pages 233-243
Chih-Ching Teng, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Tom Baum

Motivation and university experience in first-year university students: A self-determination theory perspective
Original Research Article Pages 244-254
Andrew P. Hill

Practice Papers

Incorporating Second Life into online hospitality and tourism education: A case study
Original Research Article 
Pages 154-160
Cynthia S. Deale

Work motivation, job burnout, and employment aspiration in hospitality and tourism students—An exploration using the self-determination theory
Original Research Article Pages 180-189
Liwei Hsu

Reflective journal assessment: The application of good feedback practice to facilitating self-directed learning
Original Research Article Pages 255-259
Aise Kyoung Jin Kim

Educational Resources Review

Youtube video on ‘how to do a literature review’: Overview
Original Research Article 
Pages 137-140
Stephanie Jameson

Research Notes

Using online forums for encouraging higher order thinking and ‘deep’ learning in an undergraduate Sports Sociology module
Pages 226-232
Kathryn Leflay, Mark Groves

Multidisciplinary tourism studies in Finland—Can a minor subject steer career development?
Pages 260-265
Pasi Saukkonen, Antti Honkanen, Ulla Ritola-Pesonen

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