Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education Volume 11, Issue 2, July 2012

1. IFC‐ Editorial BoardPages IFC
  Full Length Article
  Academic Papers
2. English language preparation of tourism and hospitality undergraduates in Egypt: Does it meet their future workplace requirements?   Original Research ArticlePages 93-100
Sayed Younis Abdel Ghany, Muhammad M. Abdel Latif
3. Important competency requirements for managers in the hospitality industry   Original Research ArticlePages 101-112
Eunju Suh, Joseph J. West, Jaeuk Shin
4. Web 3D simulation-based application in tourism education: A case study with Second Life   Original Research ArticlePages 113-124
Liwei Hsu
5. Pathways into tourism higher education   Original Research ArticlePages 131-139
Andreas Walmsley
6. Doctoral students’ selection intention in Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) programs in the United States  Original Research ArticlePages 140-150
Kwang-Woo Lee, Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan, Jin-Soo Hwang, Hak-Seon Kim
7. Motivation and prior knowledge as determinants of knowledge assimilation: Explaining the academic results of tourism students   Original Research ArticlePages 151-160
Desiderio J. García-Almeida, Lidia Hernández-López, José L. Ballesteros, Petra De Saá-Pérez
  Practice Papers
8. England, Whales and Princess Diana: A case study of US students’ perceptions of Wales   Original Research ArticlePages 87-92
John Harris, Sangkwon Lee, Andrew Lepp
9. Evaluating sport psychology teaching through action research   Original Research ArticlePages 125-130
C.J. Wakefield, J.W. Adie
10. Reflections on achieving educational objectives of Bloom’s taxonomy in the simulated course for tour guides in Shanghai   Original Research ArticlePages 161-167
Qian Wang
11. Two-stage performance model for evaluating the managerial efficiency of higher education: Application by the Taiwanese tourism and leisure department   Original Research ArticlePages 168-177
Te-Yi Chang, Pi-Heng Chung, Shiuh-Sheng Hsu
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