Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 11, 2017, Issue 2

The Relationship Between Attachment Styles, Emotion Regulation Strategies, and Health-Promoting Behaviors: Extreme Sports Participants Versus Non-Participants
Ece Bekaroglu, Özlem Bozo

Exercise Dimensions and Psychological Well-Being: A Community-Based Exercise Study
Maggie Evans, Kelly J. Rohan, Alan Howard, Sheau-Yan Ho, Patricia M. Dubbert, Barbara A. Stetson

An Investigation of Athletes’ and Coaches’ Perceptions of Mental Ill-Health in Elite Athletes
Isobelle J.R. Biggin, Jan H. Burns, Mark Uphill

Socially Desirable Responding by Student-Athletes in the Context of Depressive Symptom Evaluation
Mike B. Gross, Andrew T. Wolanin, Rachel A. Pess, Eugene S. Hong

Experimental Manipulation of Psychological Momentum in Baseball Pitching: No Evidence for Short-Term Psychological Momentum in Baseball Throw Speeds
Jordan Golding, Aaron Johnson, Andrew T. Sensenig

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