International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 5, 2018, Issue 3


Coaching Behaviors That Enhance Confidence in Athletes and Teams
Samuel T. Forlenza, Scott Pierce, Robin S. Vealey, and John Mackersie

“Active” and “Passive” Coach Pathways: Elite Athletes’ Entry Routes Into High-Performance Coaching Roles
Alexander David Blackett, Adam B. Evans, and David Piggott

Evaluation of the Pilot Implementation of the Coaching for Life Skills Program
Martin Camiré, Kelsey Kendellen, Scott Rathwell, and Evelyne Felber Charbonneau

Exploring the Coach’s Role in Youth Life Skills Development in Southern Africa
Zenzi Huysmans, Damien Clement, Robert Hilliard, and Adam Hansell

Differences Between Expert and Novice Tennis Coaches’ Perceptual Capacities
Paul G. Schempp and Sophie Woorons

A Formative, Utilization-Focused Evaluation of USA Swimming’s Nationwide Online Coach Education Program
Andrew P. Driska


Practicing Unstructured Play in Team Ball Sports: A Rugby Union Example
Jim Mckay and Donna O’Connor


Coaching and Coach Education in Spain: A Critical Analysis of Legislative Evolution
Sebastián Feu, Javier García-Rubio, Antonio Antúnez, and Sergio Ibáñez


High Performance Coaches’ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Applying the Areas of Work Life Model
Fraser Carson, Julia Walsh, Luana C. Main, and Peter Kremer

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