International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 13, 2018, No. 8


Let’s Close the Gap Between Research and Practice to Discover New Land Together!
Øyvind Sandbakk


Impact-Induced Muscle Damage and Contact Sports: Etiology, Effects on Neuromuscular Function and Recovery, and the Modulating Effects of Adaptation and Recovery Strategies
Mitchell Naughton, Joanna Miller, and Gary J. Slater


The Effect of Preceding Race Efforts on Pacing and Short-Track Speed Skating Performance
Marco J. Konings and Florentina J. Hettinga

Running Mechanics and Metabolic Responses With Water Bottles and Bottle Belt Holders
Heather K. Vincent, Laura A. Zdziarski, Kyle Fallgatter, Giorgio Negron, Cong Chen, Trevor Leavitt, MaryBeth Horodyski, Joseph G. Wasser, and Kevin R. Vincent

Ischemic Preconditioning: No Influence on Maximal Sprint Acceleration Performance
Kyle M.A. Thompson, Alanna K. Whinton, Shane Ferth, Lawrence L. Spriet, and Jamie F. Burr

The Preparation Period in Basketball: Training Load and Neuromuscular Adaptations
Davide Ferioli, Andrea Bosio, Johann C. Bilsborough, Antonio La Torre, Michele Tornaghi, and Ermanno Rampinini

Decisive Moment: A Metric to Determine Success in Elite Karate Bouts
Montassar Tabben, Bianca Miarka, Karim Chamari, and Ralph Beneke

Comparing Global Positioning System and Global Navigation Satellite System Measures of Team-Sport Movements
Benjamin M. Jackson, Ted Polglaze, Brian Dawson, Trish King, and Peter Peeling

Dynamics of the Metabolic Response During a Competitive 100-m Freestyle in Elite Male Swimmers
Philippe Hellard, Robin Pla, Ferran A. Rodríguez, David Simbana, and David B. Pyne

Physical Preparation Factors That Influence Technical and Physical Match Performance in Professional Australian Football
Samuel Ryan, Aaron J. Coutts, Joel Hocking, Patrick A. Dillon, Anthony Whitty, and Thomas Kempton

Recovery of Cycling Gross Efficiency After Time-Trial Exercise
Sjors Groot, Lars H.J. van de Westelaken, Dionne A. Noordhof, Koen Levels, and Jos J. de Koning

Reduced Fatigue in Passive Versus Active Recovery: An Examination of Repeated-Change-of-Direction Sprints in Basketball Players
Maria C. Madueno, Vincent J. Dalbo, Joshua H. Guy, Kate E. Giamarelos, Tania Spiteri, and Aaron T. Scanlan

Factors That Influence the Rating of Perceived Exertion After Endurance Training
Lilian Roos, Wolfgang Taube, Carolin Tuch, Klaus Michael Frei, and Thomas Wyss

Wheelchair Mobility Performance Enhancement by Changing Wheelchair Properties: What Is the Effect of Grip, Seat Height, and Mass?
Rienk M.A. van der Slikke, Annemarie M.H. de Witte, Monique A.M. Berger, Daan J.J. Bregman, and Dirk Jan H.E.J. Veeger

Workload, Fatigue, and Muscle Damage in an Under-20 Rugby Union Team Over an Intensified International Tournament
Mathieu Lacome, Christopher Carling, Jean-Philippe Hager, Gerard Dine, and Julien Piscione

Monitoring Training Load and Well-Being During the In-Season Phase in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Men’s Basketball
Daniele Conte, Nicholas Kolb, Aaron T. Scanlan, and Fabrizio Santolamazza

The Use of Microtechnology to Monitor Collision Performance in Professional Rugby Union
Simon J. MacLeod, Chris Hagan, Mikel Egaña, Jonny Davis, and David Drake

The Fit Matters: Influence of Accelerometer Fitting and Training Drill Demands on Load Measures in Rugby League Players
Blake D. McLean, Cloe Cummins, Greta Conlan, Grant Duthie, and Aaron J. Coutts

Impact of Energy Availability, Health, and Sex on Hemoglobin-Mass Responses Following Live-High–Train-High Altitude Training in Elite Female and Male Distance Athletes
Ida A. Heikura, Louise M. Burke, Dan Bergland, Arja L.T. Uusitalo, Antti A. Mero, and Trent Stellingwerff


Effect of Cold-Water Immersion on Handgrip Performance in Rock Climbers
Jan Kodejška, Jiří Baláš, and Nick Draper

Enhanced External Counterpulsation and Short-Term Recovery From High-Intensity Interval Training
Pedro L. Valenzuela, Guillermo Sánchez-Martínez, Elaia Torrontegi, Zigor Montalvo, Alejandro Lucia, and Pedro de la Villa


Putting the “I” Back in Team
Patrick Ward, Aaron J. Coutts, Ricard Pruna, and Alan McCall

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