International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 12, 2017, No. 5


Getting Both Practical and Academic Value Out of a Study David Pyne

Brief Review

Biomechanics in Paralympics: Implications for Performance
Floor Morriën, Matthew J. D. Taylor, and Florentina J. Hettinga

Original Investigation

Pacing Strategy During 24-Hour Ultramarathon-Distance Running
Arthur H. Bossi, Guilherme G. Matta, Guillaume Y. Millet, Pedro Lima, Leonardo C. Pertence, Jorge P. de Lima, and James G. Hopker

Exploring the Potential of Cell-Free-DNA Measurements After an Exhaustive Cycle-Ergometer Test as a Marker for Performance-Related Parameters
Suzan Tug, Matthias Mehdorn, Susanne Helmig, Sarah Breitbach, Tobias Ehlert, and Perikles Simon

Morning Exercise: Enhancement of Afternoon Sprint-Swimming Performance
Courtney J. McGowan, David B. Pyne, Kevin G. Thompson, John S. Raglin, and Ben Rattray

The Neuromuscular Qualities of Higher- and Lower-Level Mixed-Martial-Arts Competitors
Lachlan P. James, Emma M. Beckman, Vincent G. Kelly, and G. Gregory Haff

Effect of Compression Socks Worn Between Repeated Maximal Running Bouts
Ned Brophy-Williams, Matthew W. Driller, Cecilia M. Kitic, James W. Fell, and Shona L. Halson

Performance Relationships in Timed and Mass-Start Events for Elite Omnium Cyclists
Kathryn E. Phillips and Will G. Hopkins

Quantification of Training Load During Return to Play After Upper- and Lower-Body Injury in Australian Rules Football
Dean Ritchie, Will G. Hopkins, Martin Buchheit, Justin Cordy, and Jonathan D. Bartlett

Changes in Running Mechanics During a 6-Hour Running Race
Nicola Giovanelli, Paolo Taboga, and Stefano Lazzer

Heart-Rate Variability During Deep Sleep in World-Class Alpine Skiers: A Time-Efficient Alternative to Morning Supine Measurements
David Herzig, Moreno Testorelli, Daniela Schäfer Olstad, Daniel Erlacher, Peter Achermann, Prisca Eser, and Matthias Wilhelm

Parameters of the 3-Minute All-Out Test: Overestimation of Competitive-Cyclist Time-Trial Performance in the Severe-Intensity Domain
Andrea Nicolò, Ilenia Bazzucchi, and Massimo Sacchetti

The Impact of Central and Peripheral Cyclooxygenase Enzyme Inhibition on Exercise-Induced Elevations in Core Body Temperature
Matthijs T.W. Veltmeijer, Dineke Veeneman, Coen C.C.W. Bongers, Mihai G. Netea, Jos W. van der Meer, Thijs M.H. Eijsvogels, and Maria T.E. Hopman

Methods of Monitoring Training Load and Their Relationships to Changes in Fitness and Performance in Competitive Road Cyclists
Dajo Sanders, Grant Abt, Matthijs K.C. Hesselink, Tony Myers, and Ibrahim Akubat

Energy-System Contributions to Simulated Judo Matches
Ursula F. Julio, Valéria L.G. Panissa, João V. Esteves, Rubiana L. Cury, Marcus F. Agostinho, and Emerson Franchini

The Effect of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Physiology and Performance in Trained Cyclists
Joseph A. McQuillan, Deborah K. Dulson, Paul B. Laursen, and Andrew E. Kilding

To Jump or Cycle? Monitoring Neuromuscular Function in Rugby Union Players
Gregory Roe, Joshua Darrall-Jones, Kevin Till, Padraic Phibbs, Dale Read, Jonathon Weakley, and Ben Jones

Day-to-Day Heart-Rate Variability Recordings in World-Champion Rowers: Appreciating Unique Athlete Characteristics
Daniel J. Plews, Paul B. Laursen, and Martin Buchheit

Invited Commentary

Prediction: The Modern-Day Sport-Science and Sports-Medicine “Quest for the Holy Grail”
Alan McCall, Maurizio Fanchini, and Aaron J. Coutts

Brief Report

Optimal Interval for Success in Judo World-Ranking Competitions
Emerson Franchini, Monica Y. Takito, Rodrigo M. da Silva, Seihati A. Shiroma, Lance Wicks, and Ursula F. Julio

The “Ice-Mile”: Case Study of 2 Swimmers’ Selected Physiological Responses and Performance
John Kenny, SarahJane Cullen, and Giles D. Warrington

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