Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Volume 9, 2016, Issue 2

Leader Self-Efficacy of Women Intercollegiate Athletic Administrators: A Look at Barriers and Developmental Antecedents
Moe Machida-Kosuga, John Schaubroeck, Deborah Feltz

Organizational Change and Justice: The Impact of Transparent and Ethical Leaders
Janelle E. Wells, Nefertiti A. Walker

Exploring Interactions Between NCAA Division I Athletic Directors and University Presidents: A Qualitative Study From Athletic Directors’ Perspectives
Carrie W. LeCrom, Angela N. Pratt

Title IX Then and Now at Old Dominion University: Listening for the Echoes
Brendan O’Hallarn, Angela Eckhoff, D’Andra Seymore

A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study of Student Athlete Engagement in LGBTQ Ally Actions
Russell B. Toomey, Christi R. McGeorge, Thomas S. Carlson

Weighing the Options: Discrimination Against Fat Golfers
E. Nicole Melton, George B. Cunningham

A Current Analysis of Black Head Football Coaches and Offensive Coordinators at the NCAA DI-FBS Level
Robert Turick, Trevor Bopp

Coaches’ Perceptions of the Reduction of Athletic Commitment for Division II Student-Athletes: Development and Validation of a Measure of Athletic/Academic Balance
Matt R. Huml, Marion E. Hambrick, Mary A. Hums

Use of Autonomy-Supportive and Controlling Behaviors: A Mixed-Methods Investigation in NCAA Division I Football
Tucker Readdy, Johannes Raabe

Education Through Athletics: An Examination of Academic Courses Designed for NCAA Athletes
Erianne A. Weight, Matt R. Huml

A Study of NCAA Gambling Prevention Videos on Gambling Perceptions Within a NCAA Division II Baseball Team
Timothy Mowrer, Jeffrey W. Wimer, Rebecca J. Mowrey, Daniel F. O’Neill

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