International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, Volume 21, 2021, Issue 5

Research Articles

Sex differences in professional padel players: analysis across four seasons
Adrián Escudero-Tena, Javier Courel-Ibáñez, Javier García-Rubio & Sergio J. Ibáñez
Pages: 651-662

Workload demands of laser class sailing regattas
Chelsie Winchcombe, Paul Goods, Martyn Binnie, Matthew Doyle, Jack Fahey-Gilmour & Peter Peeling
Pages: 663-678

Analysis of corner kicks at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 in relation to match status and team quality
Jamie Lee & Stuart Mills
Pages: 679-699

Team technical performance characteristics and their association with match outcome in elite netball
Bahadorreza Ofoghi, Milad Chenaghlou, Mitchell Mooney, Dan B Dwyer & Lyndell Bruce
Pages: 700-712

Two different Variants of Leg Repositioning at maximal Sprint Speed of high Performance Junior Sprinters
Klaus Mattes, S. Wolff & B. Losekamm
Pages: 713-727

Long-term and actual golf performance and their relation to putting success and accuracy in amateur players
Tomáš Gryc, Matěj Brožka, Petr Stastny, Petr Miřátský & František Zahálka
Pages: 728-740

Identification of movement categories and associated velocity thresholds for elite Gaelic football and hurling referees
Aidan J. Brady, Michael Scriney, Niall M. Moyna & Andrew McCarren
Pages: 741-753


Does fatigue affect the kinematics of shooting in female basketball?
Feng Li, Zheng Li, Iva Borović, Tomislav Rupčić & Damir Knjaz
Pages: 754-766

Game variables that predict success and performance level in elite men’s volleyball
Sotirios Drikos, Karolina Barzouka, Maria-Elissavet Nikolaidou & Konstantinos Sotiropoulos
Pages: 767-779

The influence of opposition quality on team performance indicators in elite Gaelic football
Liam McDermott, Kieran Collins, Shane Mangan & Joe Warne
Pages: 780-789

Validity and reliability of a player-tracking device to identify movement orientation in team sports
Justin H.Y. Tan, Ted Polglaze & Peter Peeling
Pages: 790-803

Description of collective team behaviours and team performance analysis of elite rugby competition via cooperative network analysis
Andrew R. Novak, Sam Palmer, Franco M. Impellizzeri, Cathal Garvey & Job Fransen
Pages: 804-819

Importance of GNSS data quality assessment with novel control criteria in professional soccer match-play
Aman Singh Shergill, Craig Twist & Jamie Highton
Pages: 820-830

Thermoregulatory responses during prolonged swimming with a Wetsuit at 25 °C
Spyridon Rois, Emmanouil Zacharakis, Stylianos Kounalakis & Helen N. Soultanakis
Pages: 831-844

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