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    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Anti-doping Interventions in Adolescents”. Call ends January 31, 2021

    Despite the increasing efforts to promote education on anti-doping, there is limited empirical evidence guiding educational anti-doping initiatives. The main goal of this Research Topic is to gather research in the field of doping in sport, particularly anti-doping intervention in adolescents. Interventions are not limited to educational methodologies. Innovative anti-doping intervention designs for adolescents.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Game demands and fatigue profiles in elite football – an individual approach: Implications for training and recovery strategies | Dan Fransson, University...

    The aim of the thesis is to improve the understanding of physical game demands, fatigue profiles in male elite football players with an emphasis on individual differences and implications for fitness training strategies. Running distance and in-game fatigue profiles were investigated through an analysis of game activity data from top-class football players. Post-game fatigue and recovery profiles were alsoexamined.
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