Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research, Vol. 3

rugby-union-refereeMatch Analysis and Heart Rate of Beach Soccer Players During Amateur Competition
Rosario Scarfone, Carlo Minganti, Antonio Ammendolia, Laura Capranica & Antonio Tessitore

Anthropometric Characteristics and Obesity Indicators Among Preschool Children in an Urban Area in Croatia
Daria Farkaš, Zvonimir Tomac, Vilko Petric & Dario Novak

The Art of Sports Officiating: Learning How to Referee Rugby Union
Christopher F. Baldwin & Roger Vallance

A Socio-Ecological Approach to Understanding Adolescent Girls’ Engagement and Experiences in the PE Environment: A Case Study Design
Fiona Mitchell, Jo Inchley, Jo Fleming & Candace Currie

Social Support as a Stage Specific Correlate of Physical Activity
Jessie N. Stapleton, Curt L. Lox, Jennifer I. Gapin, Jonathan C. Pettibone, & Karen L. Gaudreault

The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion after Creatine Supplementation on Peak Torque Production
Sam Orange & Ian Sadler

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