Family? Yes, a big one! About lesbian football stars and a culture of silence


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Moa Svan
Writer and comedian

Photo: Jon Aagaard Gao

Are lesbian relationships best kept private? Lesbian sports stars have built football to what it is today. And still do. Is it not time for lesbian football fans to be proud of this? And is it not time to acknowledge women’s football as a part of lesbian culture? And with that, explore the history of lesbians and women´s football as one? Is the social media preoccupation with lesbian drama within the Rosengård football club an unhealthy craving for sex and filth?

After conversations with former Malmö FF team leader Jeanette “Vante” Rosengren and former elite goalkeeper Caroline Jönsson, Moa Svan, in the new anthology on LGBTQ history in Malmö, has revived the Malmö lesbian football saga. From the witch hunt for lesbian football stars through the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s to the culture of silence we still see today. From home parties at ‘Lappen and Lena’ to visits to café Rosa Molnet [Pink Cloud] where football girls met both the so-called ’suburban girls’ and the lesbian feminists.

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MOA SVAN is a comedian and journalist, writing for, and about sports. She is the author of Det riktiga landslaget [The real National Team] (Leopard Förlag, 2015)

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