Event Management, Volume 24, 2020, Number 6


Festival Personality and How It Influences Visitor Attitude and Intention
pp. 665-684(20)
Quintal, Vanessa; Lwin, Michael; Phau, Ian; Sood, Abhinav

Segmentation of Tourists in Cultural Events: The Case of The International Classical Theater Festival of Almagro
pp. 685-697(13)
Gomez-Casero, Gema; Pérez Gálvez, Jesús Claudio; Lopez-Guzmán, Tomás; Jara-Alba, Carol Angélica

Host or Sponsor? Consumer Responses to Event Origins and Brand-related Event Leveraging
pp. 753-767(15)
Skard, Siv; Adam, Sunniva; Engdahl, Lise Fredrikke

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