Do you have to deal with sport issues in a changing world? Don’t miss the event of the year!

The 26th EASM – The European Sport Management Conference in the exciting city of Malmö, Sweden

The theme of this year’s conference is Managing Sport in a Changing Europe. The conference attracts several hundred delegates from universities and sport-related organizations at different levels in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. It is an excellent opportunity to present your organization, develop new networks and, not least, new perspectives on sport, its challenges, and its opportunities.

Can you only attend one day of the conference? The sessions on Thursday, September 6 have been designed to showcase examples of how people working in the field of sport, have used cutting-edge research within the broader topic of sport and a changing Europe.

This particular day there will be a special thematic session on the topic of Rethinking ”sport for all”: Inclusion and integration(?), developed to attract those working in different types of sport organizations. You’ll get the opportunity to gain insight into the Swedish sport model in transition and the way Swedish organizations deal with the challenges of inclusion and integration from different perspectives. Among others, you will meet representatives of an elite football club, local government, a community-based sport club and an entrepreneur. Researchers will frame the sessions with presentations on social entrepreneurship and gender perspectives.

The same day you’ll also have the opportunity to join the Play the Game Special Workshop: Good governance and tools for change in sport. Good governance has climbed to the top of the international sports agenda in recent years. The Workshop aims at discussing the value and relevance of the key dimensions of good governance: transparency, democratic processes, internal accountability and control, and societal responsibility. We invite to an exchange of experiences between researchers and practitioners that work with sports governance on a daily basis. Case stories on best and worst practices will be on the agenda. And together we will try to establish the current situation on the ground in sports governance, and to identify steps that need to be taken to ensure further development.
The Workshop will offer a mix of presentations from researchers attached to the ‘National Sports Governance Observer’ project in Europe and beyond, invited keynotes from sports organizations, media or the sports industry, as well as contributions from conference participants.

Other workshops during the conference of special interest for those working in sport organizations at different levels could be:

    • Sport entrepreneurship: analyzing sport industry and consumer convergence processes
    • Challenges of (public) management of ‘Sport-for-all’-facilities
    • The progress of ice hockey in light of economic and political influences

Also, check out the themes of the parallel sessions:

Among the keynote speakers you will find:

    • Joseph Maguire (Sept 6th): Power, Culture, and Control: Identity, Jurisdiction, Migration, and Recognition
    • Veerle de Bosscher (Sept 8th): Effective policies: measurement, evaluation, and monitoring of effective strategies to develop elite sport in a changing Europe
    • Mike Weed (Sept 8th): Reflections on sports management, politics, and claims made for sport

Malmö is the perfect arena for a challenging conference, located less than 20 minutes from Copenhagen Airport. It is a city in rapid transition. It is truly a multi-cultural city, with 179 different nationalities represented. Here you will experience both Sweden and the world. Malmö is a city where sport – in both traditional and new, creative forms – and culture are very important. It is a city where you will have a good time! Also, the conference venue – Malmö Live – is something special.

We look forward to seeing you in Malmö in September 2018!

The Local Organising Committee
Department of Sport Science
Malmö University

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