Call for Two Special Issue Proposals | Communication and Sport. Call ends December 1, 2018

Communication & Sport, a bi-monthly research journal published by SAGE Publishing in association with the International Association for Communication and Sport, invites proposals for two guest-edited special issues. Now in its 6th year of publication, Communication & Sport has established itself as a leading journal at the nexus of communication/media studies and sport studies.  In 2018, Communication & Sport was recognized with a prestigious PROSE Award as the Best New Journal in the Social Sciences. It received an Impact Factor of 2.395 (and 5-year IF of 2.896) and was ranked 14/84 in the Communication (Q1) and 17/50 in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism (Q2), ahead of many strong established journals in both communication and sport studies.  Please visit the journal website for more information about its Aims & Scope, the Editorial Board, and sample issues at

Proposals by prospective guest editors of special issues will be reviewed by Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Wenner and three Associate Editors (Andrew Billings, Marie Hardin, and David Rowe) in consultation with a distinguished international Editorial Board. Manuscripts for special issues will be solicited via open calls for submissions and undergo a double-blind review process under the supervision of the special issue editor(s) and Editor-in-Chief.  We seek special issue proposals in two categories:

The first is a “global call” and looks for special issue proposals that will feature scholars, scholarship and topics from beyond the United States and the historical British Commonwealth countries (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) where research on communication, media, and sport is already well established. Priority will be given to proposals that focus on broad themes/topics that facilitate inclusion of scholars, scholarship, and topics from across the globe rather than micro-focused topics centered on one particular country or region.

The second is an “open call” and looks for a special issue on an important and focused topic area. Priority will be given to proposals on communication and sport topics that are emerging, deserving of more focused attention, and have resonance across our community of global scholars.

Proposals should be sent to by December 1, 2018, with C&S Special Issue Proposal: Global or Open in the subject line and addressing the following points:

  1. Characterization of theme/topic to be addressed.
  2. Relevance and timeliness of the theme/topic.
  3. Expected contribution to the study of communication and sport.
  4. Interdisciplinary interest and impact.
  5. Interest to the international academic community.
  6. Quality and quantity of expected submissions.
  7. Academic qualifications and editorial experience of the proposed editor(s).
Lawrence Wenner

Von der Ahe Professor of Communication & Ethics | Loyola Marymount University | 1 LMU Drive | Los Angeles, CA 90045 | | 310.338.3754
Editor-in-Chief, Communication & Sport | |  |
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