Call for Participation | Sport and Societies | Webinar series by CEVIPOL, Spring 2022


The Cevipol (Centre d’Etude de la Vie Politique) is a research center of the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of the Université libre de Bruxelles. It specializes in political sociology and comparative politics.  Research within the Cevipol focuses on political life, institutions, actors, and the norms and resources of democratic systems. Four thematic axes structure the intellectual identity of the Cevipol:

      • Parties, elections, and representation
      • European integration: redefining communities, sovereignties, and values in conflict
      • Identities, societies, powers in comparison. A qualitative approach of political systems
      • Sport and politics

The thematic axis “Sports and Politics” focuses essentially on the study of the porosities between the practice, the rule, and the institutions of sports and politics.  There are two different ways of studying the relations between sports and politics: a) observing how politics permeates sport (the construction of sports as a political object); b) observing how sport permeates politics (the influence of sport sin the political sphere).  The activities organised within the framework of this axis articulate these two aspects by analysing both the processes of increased politicisation of sports as well as the uses of sports in the political competition.

As part of the Sport and politics theme, CEVIPOL, through Jean-Michel De Waele, organises a webinar series during Spring 2022 headlined “Sport and Societies”. Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. To that end, please contact Professor De Waele at


(Seminar language is English or French, depending on the laguage of the title of the respective talk. Times are CET; for other locations, please utilise the Time Zone Converter.)

17 Février/Feb., 12h15
Réflexions sur le sport
avec/with C. Bromberger, Professeur émérite d’anthropologie à Aix-Marseille Université / Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Aix-Marseille University

22 Février/Feb., 17h00
Football history and supporters’ imaginary in Latin America: an overview
avec/with Bernardo Buarque, Professeur Associé/Associate Professor – School of Social Sciences (FGV CPDOC – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

3 Mars/Mar., 17h00
Creating a modern Ecuadorian citizen through football: ambiguities in discourse and visual culture
avec/with Enrico Castro-Montes, Doctorant / PhD Fellow FWO Vlaanderen/ KU Leuven

10 Mars/Mar., 12h15
Dialogue autour de la carrière de Benjamin Nicaise
avec/with Benjamin Nicaise, ancien joueur professionnel de football et ancien directeur technique / former professional football player and technical director. Entretien avec/Interview with Patrick Stein (journaliste et chef d’Édition Eleven Sports) et Jean-Michel de Waele (professeur de science politiques, ULB)

17 Mars/Mar., 17h00
The social responsibilities of non-profit sport organizations
avec/with Geraldine Zeimers, Professeure adjointe à / Assistant professor at UCL

24 Mars/Mar., 17h00
Football Presidents between Practices and Representations in Brazil
avec/with Luiz Guilherme Burlamaqui, Professeur adjoint à / Assistant Professor at Federal Institute of Brasilia

31 Mars/Mar., 17h00
Football migration: African players and Give Back Behaviors
avec/with Ernest Yeboah Acheampong, Chercheur et conférencier doctorant / PhD Researcher and Lecturer, University of Education, Winneba (Ghana) – Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport (HPERS)

21 Avril/Apr., 12h00
Sport, decolonisation and international relations. 1940’s-50’s
avec/with Souvik Naha, Doctorant et chargé de cours / PhD and Senior Lecturer in Imperial and Post-colonial History, Economic and Social History, University of Glasgow

28 Avril/Apr., 12h00
Global Challenges and Innovations in Sport – Effects of The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) special issue in Sport and Society
avec/with Professor Susanna Hedenborg (Malmo University, Sweden), Associate Professor Daniel Svensson (Malmo University, Sweden) and Associate Professor Aage Radmann (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences)


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