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    Call for Papers | “Societal impact of elite sport: Benefits and harms” | Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly. Call ends May 30, 2020

    Contributors may come from any social or human science discipline, including sport management, marketing, sport policy, sociology, sport psychology, sport economics... Robust qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research approaches that would focus on the societal impact of elite sport are welcome. We are looking for studies that advance theory and knowledge on the understanding of societal impact of elite sport.

    Call for Participation | International Olympic Committee announces first ever Olympism in Action Forum | Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 5–6, 2018

    To further the momentum of using sport to build a better world as demonstrated by the joint march of North and South Korean athletes at the PyeongChang Games last February, the Olympism in Action Forum will bring together the Olympic Movement stakeholders and civil society at large to address challenging questions, open fresh dialogues and share innovative experiences and inspiring stories related to sport and society.

    Call for papers | Edited Collection on Nationalism and Sport

    Athlete as a National Symbol: Nationalism, Sport, and Social Justice, a volume to be edited by Nicholas Villanueva, Jr., Ph.D., Director of Critical Sports Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder. Contributions of particular interest will focus on athletes and social justice. Proposals are due November 1, 2016.

    Call for Papers | Sixth International Conference on Sport and Society: “Sport in the Americas” | Toronto, 30–31 July 2015

    Sixth International Conference on Sport and Society: "Sport in the Americas" University of Toronto Toronto, Canada 30-31 July 2015 Conference Focus The Sport and Society knowledge community is brought together by a common concern for scientific policy and strategic perspective in sport and society. We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia (See Proposal Types) addressing sport and society through one...

    Call for Papers: Conference on Sport and Society in Transnational Contexts, 5–6 June, 2015, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

    Over the years, academics have widely discussed and written about the critical influence of sports on social formations. Although in most of the works sport has been situated in national/local contexts, the existing and increasing global dynamics of sport have not gone unnoticed. During the 1970s, scholars began thinking about international diffusion of Western sports, and gradually concepts such...

    Nyhedsbrev fra Forum for Idræt, Historie & Samfund, Årgang 10 Nr. 1

    I nyhedsbrevet fra februar 2014 kan man  læse om: Indkaldelse til generalforsamling 2014 Tidsskriftet Forum for Idræt i 2014 Artikler til Forum for Idræt Bogudgivelse: Samfundets idræt Bogudgivelse: Tics, træning og tango Udstilling: I skridtgang eller løb…  Ladda ner nyhetsbrevet här!

    Nyhedsbrev fra Forum for Idræt, Historie & Samfund, Årgang 9 Nr. 2

    I nyhedsbrevet kan man bl.a. læse om: Foreningens generalforsamling 2013 Medlemsopkrævning for 2013 En tur rundt til idrætshistoriske perler Workshop om velfærd på museum At videnskabelige artikler fra årbogen og tidsskriftet er tilgængelige i elektronisk form  Ladda ner nyhetsbrevet här!

    Nyhedsbrev fra Forum for Idræt, Historie & Samfund, Årgang 9 Nr. 1

    I dette nummer: Indkaldelse til generalforsamling 2013 Rundtur til idrætshistoriske perler Tidsskriftet Forum for Idræt i 2013 Artikler til Forum for Idræt Bogudgivelse: Integration gennem kroppen  Ladda ner nyhetsbrevet här!

    Professor/ førsteamanuensis i samfunns- og idrettsvitenskap till NTNU. Söknadsfrist 4/6 2013!

    Ved NTNU i Trondheim er den teknologiske kunnskapen i Norge samlet. I tillegg til teknologi og naturvitenskap har vi et rikt fagtilbud i samfunnsvitenskap, humanistiske fag, realfag, medisin, lærerutdanning, arkitektur og kunstfag. Samarbeid på tvers av faggrensene gjør oss i stand til å tenke tanker ingen har tenkt før, og skape løsninger som forandrer hverdagen.  Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap og teknologiledelse Institutt...

    Call for Papers: Football and Communities Across Codes

    Från Dee Hynes (Manchester Metropolitan University):  CFP: Football and Communities Across Codes (4-6 February, 2013: Sydney, Australia) Call for Presentation: The word "football" conjures up images of very different types of games depending on where one happens to be in the world. But no matter whether players kick a goal, score a try, or score a touchdown on the field, each football...
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