Call for Papers: Elite sport success: Society boost or not? (The Spliss Conference) Antwerp November 13–14, 2014

splissOn 13 & 14 November 2013, Antwerp (Belgium) is the host city of the SPLISS Conference Elite sport success: Society boost or not? This conference is one of the first on the topic of why elite sport is important, why nations should (not) invest in elite sport. It addresses researchers, sport policy makers, sport consultants, major sport event organizers, city and destination marketers, representatives from National Olympic Committees, IOC, National and International Sport Governing Bodies as well as elite sport coaches.

The conference theme is twofold:

  • Elite sport policies and strategies towards success. This includes the results of the international comparative SPLISS study on high performance sport policies in 15 countries. This international project is a collaboration of 43 researchers and 33 policy partners worldwide and involves over 3000 high performance athletes, 1300 coaches and more than 240 performance directors.
  • The social value of elite sport, or why do countries invest in elite sport. A kick off to open the debate on the value of elite sport.

For people working in a high performance environment (sport policy and sport organizations): the results of the SPLISS project will provide you with striking insights on the key success determinants of elite sport policies in 15 countries. It is one of the largest international comparative studies ever made!

For researchers, this conference aims to identify a future research agenda for the social value of elite sport. It will open the debate with policy makers, international sport organizations about the legacy of elite sport investments and elite events. Furthermore it will review the current state of knowledge in relation to elite sport policies, insights in theories, and methodologies in sport policy research by excellent researchers worldwide.

Call for abstracts
The program offers room for delegates to present:

  • scientific and professional practice abstract/paper presentations in both topical sessions (abstracts only)
  • workshops (abstracts and/or papers where specified)
  • poster presentations (oral, abstracts only).

Take a look at the call for abstracts and submit before 15 June!

Go to:

Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to meet with colleagues & experts and register now! I look forward to seeing you in Antwerp in November.

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