Call for Papers | The International Journal of Motorsport Management (IJMM)

Clay Harshaw, editor-in-chief.
Clay Harshaw, editor-in-chief.

The International Journal of Motorsport Management (IJMM) is an academic journal designed to address the unmet need within the motorsport industry for applied research that can be utilized by current industry teams, tracks, sanctioning bodies, sponsors, marketing agencies, and other related stakeholders. The goal is to provide the international motorsport community a centralized source for all topics “management-related” that can improve the daily function and efficiency of their organization. The ultimate aim of the IJMM is to bring together the research skills of academia and the applied requirements of the industry. As an online journal, IJMM publishes articles upon acceptance.

Suggested research topics are:

  • The economic impact of motorsport events
  • Sponsorship of motorsport teams, venues, and sanctioning bodies
  • Facility management in motorsport operations (team shops, tracks)
  • Social media in motorsports
  • Case studies of motorsports organizations

Guidelines for submitting articles are found at Manuscripts for IJMM should be submitted electronically at

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