Call for Papers | The impact of international football events on local, national and transnational fan cultures | Edited volume


World Cups, European Championships, Olympic Games and to some extent even Under 21 tournaments attract a lot of international attention. Hosting countries generally want to use the events to show their modernity, their functionality and their attractiveness for further projects. Thus they have led to fundamental changes in most of the hosting countries, concerning the infrastructure of their professional football and its environment. Looking in retrospect at the tournaments of the  past decades, a conversion of the infrastructure in general as well as a modernization of the stadiums can be seen, however, this has also had an impact on fancultures, both positively and negatively, for example in terms of:

    • Ticket Prices
    • The architecture of security
    • The accessibility for disabled people
    • The atmosphere in stadiums
    • The attention to (anti-)discrimination
    • The repressive or preventive work against violence
    • New Police strategies
    • Changes in fancultures

In light of these changes, we would like to produce an edited book that highlights different aspects of fanculture that have been impacted by hosting mega events. Therefore the main question of this joint book-project is: What kind of impacts did the international football-tournaments of the past decades show on local, national and transnational fancultures? The project is designed to be broad focused because we want to use the topic as an umbrella for a wide sample of articles, written by the FSE-Researchers. In relation to the FSE guidelines we want to collect knowledge about the development of local, national and transnational fancultures in Europe under the influence of professionalized mega- events. The aim is to create a basis for further campaigns, inputs and interventions with regard to upcoming tournaments.

Formal Data and Further Schedule

The abstracts will be discussed at the FSE-Meeting in 2016. Afterwards the editorial staff will answer the contributors. Then, they will have time till summer 2017 to submit their articles. The book will be published in advance of the world-cup in Russia in 2018.

Authors, who are not part of the FSE-Researcher-Network, can also contribute as long as they commit to the FSE guidelines (


The editorial staff consists of: Peter Millward (England), Mark Doidge (England), Richard Irving (England), Jorge Silvério (Portugal) and Robert Claus (Germany).

Please send your abstract for an article by May 1st 2016 to:

If you have any requests, questions or comments, please feel free to contact us as well.

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