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    Call for Papers | “Female Fandom: A Global Perspective”, Special Issue of Soccer & Society | Call ends May 1, 2020

    The increasing interest for girls and women to follow football, both live and through old and new media, raises important issues regarding politics, engagement, identity, gender, and power relations. This special issue of Soccer & Society, with guest editors Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg, highlights female fandom in a global perspective. We welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to the theme.

    Call for Papers | “It’s (not) just a game: Football’s evolving culture” – Football Collective Conference 2020 | Portsmouth, November 26–27, 2020. Call ends September 11, 2020

    The committee of the 2020 Football Collective Conference invites researchers, practitioners and scholars to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation. We invite proposals for oral presentations, posters/exhibits, and workshops/symposiums. The conference is designed to offer opportunities for all to present research, research ideas, potential projects, and innovative methods of data collection or public engagement.

    Call for Papers | GSA Seminar: Football (soccer) in German-Speaking Europe: History, Politics and the Arts | Portland OR, October 3–6, 2019. Call ends January 26, 2019

    This seminar investigates football’s role in discourses on culture, history, and politics in connection to topics such as aesthetics, gender roles, disability, religion, class, economics, and collective identities. We are particularly interested in applications from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives related to football. We also encourage proposals from participants at all career stages.

    Call for Papers | “Football, Politics and Popular Culture” | Special Issue of Managing Sport and Leisure. Call ends February 22, 2019

    There is a growing body of literature exploring the management, marketing, and governance of association football. The purpose of this special issue of the journal is to provoke a broad, interdisciplinary, and critical discussion about the football politics and popular culture in association football (as a form of entertainment, recreational or occupational activity).

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | “We can make new history here”: Rituals of producing history in Swedish football clubs | Katarzyna Herd, Lund University

    This dissertation investigates how history is produced, what roles it plays, and what forms it takes in four Swedish football clubs – AIK, Djurgårdens IF, Helsingborgs IF and Malmö FF. The overreaching aim is to describe and analyse how history is produced and performed in football clubs, and the implications this development has for football and for the understanding of history.

    Call for Papers | Football, Politics and Popular Culture | 2nd Annual Conference of The Football Collective @ University of Limerick, Ireland, 23–24 November 2017. Call ends 2017-09-06

    The conference will bring together football researchers, academics and students from across disciplines to share research findings, interests, stories, methods and to develop better research and collaboration across the Football Collective. It is designed to offer opportunities for all to present research, research ideas, potential projects, and innovative methods of data collection or public engagement.

    Call for Papers | The impact of international football events on local, national and transnational fan cultures | Edited volume

    The main question of this joint book-project is: What kind of impacts did the international football-tournaments of the past decades show on local, national and transnational fancultures. Please send your abstract for an article by May 1st 2016.

    Call for Papers | “Football and Cultural Production” | The 4th annual Centre for the Study of Football and its Communities (CSFC) conference, April 10, 2015

    This year’s CSFC conference will be helt at at Manchester Metropolitan University, and will examine football’s relationship with cultural production, looking at both the production and reception of football-related culture.

    Abstract submission deadline extended | Sport and Discrimination Conference | Friday 1 May 2015, University of Sunderland, London Campus

    What is the nature and extent of discrimination in sport today? How does it affect people’s experience of sport and their wider lives? What are the barriers to change? And how can discrimination best be tackled in the future?

    Call for Papers | Special issue of Sport in Society | “The Ultras – The global development of a fan phenomenon”

    Submission of Interest Deadline: 1 December 2014 Focus and topics Ultras are the most prominent form of football fandom in the 21st century. From their origins in Italy in the 1960s, this style of fandom has spread across Europe and then across the globe. Central to the ultras style of fandom is an unwavering support for their team. In order to demonstrate this, the...
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