Call for Papers | “Tackling discrimination – visions of gender equality in sport”. 12th Annual Meeting of the Transnational Scholars for the Study of Gender and Sport | University of Jyväskylä, Finland, November 28–30, 2019. Call ends May 15, 2019

Gender and sport research consists of a broad field of diverse theoretical, methodological, and thematic approaches. In this diversified and multidisciplinary field, the terms gender equality and anti-discrimination have often been attributed different meanings. The 12th annual meeting of the Transnational Scholars for the Study of Gender and Sport invites scholars to critically reflect upon these terms. How are different understandings of gender equality and anti-discrimination intertwined with the everyday practices and politics of gender and sexuality in sport?

The organizers are interested in bringing together scholars from different backgrounds, fields, and theoretical traditions, as well as sport practitioners and policy makers who are interested in issues of gender equality in sport. We welcome submissions that address a variety of gender issues, including (but not limited to): sexuality, body, identity, gender-based discrimination (including harassment and abuse), LGBTIQ+ experiences, as well as practices of exclusion and marginalization in sport, physical activity, and school physical education. Contributions can be conceptual/theoretical, empirical, or methodological in nature.


The conference will take place in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä in Central Finland.


    • The Transnational Scholars for the Study of Gender and Sport
    • The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä
    • The promoting equal access and tackling discrimination against gender and sexual minorities in sport and physical education (PREACT) project

Abstract submission

Please send your abstracts (max 500 words) to no later than 15.05.2019. Notification of acceptance: 15.06.2019

Organizing Committee

    • Dr. Marja Kokkonen (Conference Chair)
    • Dr. Anna Kavoura (Conference Secretary)
    • Ms. Sari Kuosmanen (Conference Secretary)
    • Phil. Lic. Leena Laine

Scientific Committee

    • Dr. Marja Kokkonen (Conference Chair) – Finland
    • Dr. Anna Kavoura (Conference Secretary) – Finland
    • Dr. Alex Channon – U.K.
    • Dr. Hannele Harjunen – Finland
    • Dr. Michael Kehler – Canada
    • Dr. Samu Kytölä – Finland
    • Phil. Lic. Leena Laine – Finland
    • Dr. Håkan Larsson – Sweden

For further information, please


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